Intelsense AI introduces “SenseVoice”


Intelsense AI Ltd has officially launched its Voice AI based transcription platform “SenseVoice” in the commercial market of Bangladesh.

Intelsense AI is an AI and machine learning company that powers sophisticated businesses and businesses that want to use AI-powered language technologies and sentiment analytics to deliver the best customer service possible, according to a press release on Saturday, January 1st, 2022.

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Now companies can take the most effective and convenient approach to understanding and empowering their consumers by adopting our new platform – SenseVoice.

SenseVoice is a transcription platform where any user can input any Bengali or English audio or video file that will automatically generate text from the language of the uploaded files.

The main highlights of the platform are that it takes very little time and the accuracy is unsatisfactory.

The advanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology developed by SenseVoice is based on decades of experience in the development of AI-based speech processing models.

This ASR uses patented neural network technology to convert speech to text for precise audio transcriptions from a range of sources and languages.

SenseVoice’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, on the other hand, can process voice-based data faster than humans without getting tired.

SenseVoice’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology can extract context and intent, provide the ability to recognize and understand what is being said, and convert that meaning into more computer-processable subtext.

SenseVoice can help businesses automate and streamline the transcription process, from delivering live closed captioning in the workplace to helping content creators quickly add closed captioning to their video content.

With SenseVoice, a digital platform, be it an e-commerce platform or a banking app, can now have its own voice search functions. In addition, companies can now convert any type of voice recording or prerecorded hearing into a written format.

The services can also be adapted to and integrated into other applications or systems. The platform can easily be used for live documentary, subtitle production, voice input functions, media reporting, etc.


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