MetrixLab adds voice recordings to consumer surveys


MetrixLab adds voice recordings to consumer surveys

November 10, 2022

Insight provider MetrixLab is testing a method that allows respondents to answer questionnaires using voice recordings.

According to the company, spoken commentary offers the potential to improve research results by delivering a “wealth of information” that it claims is often difficult to deliver within the confines of traditional online surveys. The new methodology was developed in collaboration with Phebi, whose software collects and analyzes voice recordings and also delivers unconscious analytics solutions that combine speech recognition, AI and machine learning to understand the sentiment behind opinions expressed.

Carlijn Tummers (pictured), MetrixLab Global Innovation Consultant, explains: “We were able to combine new technologies with our research expertise to improve the richness and quality of feedback from online surveys. Many people are already using voice commands in their homes and vehicles. We’re exploring this technology to understand its impact on the quality of insights when simplifying survey completion and passively measuring respondents’ emotions.

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