Is Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup, People Search & Background Check Services Legitimate?


In the past few years, the amount of information that we humans have collected and searched through has increased tremendously.

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Each of us needs one or the other piece of information at any point in our lives. It could include many things such as B. knowing another person’s relationship history, or obtaining information about the company you wish to join, or obtaining information about a person you wish to hire for your company, or obtaining information about a person whose Name is the only information you know. The possibilities of getting information from a person or finding information about a person are endless.

Any single thing, whether it’s sharing emails, birthdays, names, and maybe even certain important life events like getting married or having a baby, there’s absolutely no denying that there’s a plethora of opportunities to share information about the Provide or collect people in the area.

Again, when it comes to information, we can easily say that only 30-40% of the information about an individual is publicly available, while much of the information about an individual is always kept private. There is a lot of information that people are unwilling to disclose publicly, such as: B. previous names, criminal backgrounds, old addresses or even their phone numbers.

So what do we do in situations like this when we really need the right information about the person or understand the full background about that particular person or company?

In such cases, there are several agencies that offer a very comprehensive, discreet and quick way to collect information such as criminal history, date of birth, addresses, age, phone numbers and much more.

But how do we know if an agency is safe and legitimate? How can we trust the agency with the information they provide us, whether it’s a background check or even a reverse phone lookup? Can we even remove certain information from the agency itself? As important as it is for us to gather information that is not publicly available, it is even more important to choose the right agency to help us gather the information we need.

Here we introduce you to Intelius ! It is one of the safest and most legitimate agencies that you can trust with the information that is provided to you. You can simply consider Intelius as the leading provider of public data with the software that will help you conduct background checks, perform general searches on people, and also search criminal records. Whether you’re traveling to do a proper background check on a prospective employee, need to find the right address, or need to do a background check on companies you’re looking to join or invest in, Intelius comes in handy! Let us help you understand the features Intelius offers its customers and how to benefit from its services. Read on and understand more.

A brief overview of Intelius

Intelius is a people search website that helps its users to conduct background checks on any person, write detailed reports with phone numbers, personal information, address history, criminal records and much more. It aggregates data collected from multiple public sources, including state, federal, and local government agencies, and even private companies. Established in 2003, this company is currently known as one of the longest running background check companies in the industry and is well known for its reliable services in the data brokerage industry. The reports are mostly accurate compared to other competing sites.

How does Intelius work?

It gathers data from a plethora of public resources and collates it into a vast database of information. Intelius users can search this database to obtain the detailed reports they need from a specific person who is in the United States of America. While most information is obtained using public records, it may take months or even several years to search for specific information individually. And you will not be able to find such data even with such a good search engine as Google. With the help of Intelius, you can skip this headache step and get the information you need using just one service.

Where does Intelius collect its information from?

When you scan the comprehensive reports, We might feel that Inteliush is a special gateway to access sensitive information . But in reality, Intelius derives all its data from public sources, such as:
Financial Institutions
● Public records at federal, state, and state levels
● Social Networks
● Telephone directories that are published
● filing of lawsuits
● Court records
● FBI Crime Data Local crime data
● Commercial business documents
● Real Estate Deeds

Key features of Intelius
Some of the main features are:

people search
This is the feature that brought Intelius its fame and it is also the most used service of Intelius. The People Search is a very powerful search tool for gathering detailed information about people in the United States.
How it works: All you have to do is just type in a specific person’s name, you can also add their approximate location details and then allow Intelius to search from literally billions of records to create a detailed report about the person.
What is the information it provides: It contains the following information:
● the person’s full name
● Date of Birth and Age
● Known Aliases
● Address History
● Educational History
● Phone Numbers
● Employment history
● Financial Information
● Possible relatives
● Social Media Profiles

You can think of this as a much more thorough search of a person’s information book, and goes a step beyond the standard people search feature.
How it works: Much like the people search feature, the background check also works on the same principle but in a much more detailed way as it checks multiple crests of the database of the various public records to return a full background check report with detailed information about the person’s personal and legal history .

What is the information it provides: It contains the following information:
● Arrest warrants
● Records of arrests
● Birth Certificate
● Court records
● Death Certificate
● Marriage and Divorce Information
● Crime and misdemeanor convictions
● bankruptcies

Other additional features include
Here are some of them:
● Reverse Address Lookup: It provides you with detailed information about a specific property, including its ownership history and physical details.
● Search Public Records: It helps to search public records for a specific person’s name.
● Phone Directory: Searches United States directories for phone numbers.
● Identity Protection: Provides monitoring of all public records, credit card protection and identity theft protection.
● Reverse Phone Lookup: Searches a phone number for full details about a specific caller.

Prices from Intelius

Compared to other background checking companies or agencies, There is no pricing table anywhere on the Intelius website . Here you have to commit to a specific search and then wait at least 10 minutes for the service to comb through the database and ask a few questions to aim for a limited result. And when the report is finally presented, you will be provided with specific subscription options. We ran a similar people search and these are the monthly subscription options presented to us by Intelius:
● A monthly subscription for unlimited reports was $22.86
● Two-month subscription for unlimited reports cost $38.86
● Premium Plus membership cost $29.95
Compared to other competitors, Intelius service offering prices are relatively cheap.

Benefits of using Intelius
● Provides very accurate and timely background reports
● The Intelius website has a very attractive layout
● The subscription offered is very reasonable and affordable compared to other competitors
● It is also available in a mobile app version for iOS and Android systems with the same functions as the website

Disadvantages of using Intelius
● The trial offers are quite misleading
● difficult to find out price information

The final conclusion

It is impractical to say that the information provided by Intelius is 100% accurate, but they are among the best in the business today, producing comprehensive and compelling reports on every person whose name you enter in their search prompt. The company offers a very high quality service at reasonable and affordable prices and is BBB accredited. So if you’re looking for a solid option to get basic public information, we recommend using Intelius for your personal use. The unique background check search capabilities that Intelius offers make it a great option for getting information. Intern’s customer support team does an incredible job of responding to all concerns almost immediately.


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