Business News | Vivek Das Wins ET Global Indian Leaders Awards 2022 for Excellence in Software Solutions and AI


NEW DELHI, INDIA, 31 October (ANI/PNN): Unlearn Innovation Pvt Ltd has received another award in its already illustrious journey for positively impacting the industry through cutting-edge technologies.

Vivek Das, the founder of Unlearn Innovation Pvt Ltd, was congratulated by well-known Bollywood actor Dia Mirza at the Economic Times Global Indian Leaders awards ceremony. The award was intended to recognize his leadership and the impact of his company for excellence in software solution services and AI.

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Following his recognition at the 2022 ET Global Indian Leader Awards, Vivek Das, CEO of Unlearn Innovation Pvt. Ltd., said: “This award is a celebration of our efforts to innovate and add value to our customers. We are honored and honored that I accept them on behalf of the entire team from Unlearn, Synergics and my partner Sanjib Chatterjee.”

Entrepreneurship, innovation, consistency and excellence define Vivek Das best who was a pioneer in IT and software solutions. The founder of Synergics, a bootstrap software company founded in 2008, now has a global customer base.

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His streak of entrepreneurship led to the founding of another software company (Unlearn Innovation) credited with building a world-class visual search engine that will transform our product discovery experience.

A graduate of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vivek is a philanthropist at heart who is here to make a difference.

The road to success is never easy; the same was true for him. The constant factor was his quest for innovation. It all started with his early collaboration with HCL for speech recognition software in 1999 when speech recognition was as good as magic.

The entrepreneur in him understood very well that the journey cannot be made alone and so Synergics was born with Sanjib Chatterjee, his lifelong friend and the other founder of Synergics.

Synergics is a well-known software ERP provider with a customer base around the world. It stands still and has been on the right side of the balance sheet for more than a decade. The founders’ belief to make it sustainable was the main reason for the break and innovation every 3-5 years, which makes it relevant in the current market.

At a time when the world was reeling under COVID and we all had a choice to be myopic or have the positivity to look beyond the current crisis. Vivek, Sanjib and Sachin took a leap of faith and founded Unlearn to work in the AI ​​ML space with digital data.

Unlearn focuses on creating value, improving existing systems, solving problems and breaking new ground. And rightly so; After years of research and experience, Unlearn has launched its first product, Trouve, which will change the future of the jewelry industry in India.

As the first company to introduce visual search to the jewelry industry in India, Unlearn has helped manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and end users shop in the most efficient and cost effective way.

With Unlearn, it’s never just physical or digital, it’s always a combination, ie PHYGITAL. The foundation of Unlearn is using AI and ML and bringing the technology to any business facility that enables its digital and physical reach.

Unlearn will revolutionize the jewelry industry by enabling every customer to go digital and enhancing the buyer and jeweler experience with the best discovery solution in the industry. To learn more, visit:

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