New Artificial Intelligence Software Targets Western Lifestyle Sports, Livestock, Broadcasting And More – Gwynifer Cyber ​​Referee

Hughes Springs, TX October 23, 2022 –(

This invention relates to the automation of scoring in sports using artificial intelligence deep neural network image recognition to derive the score of each of the related sports and competition-related objects after each part of the related sports and competition-related objects, such as body and analyzing the movement and angular change of each body part and/or two or more body parts relative to each other.

The first proof of concept and case study was created for the sport of bull riding, but can be adapted to almost any sport. Wearable sensors are not a viable option in this sport. You can see the video demo on the company’s website. The video demonstration shows you how Gwynifer’s cyber referee software works and runs in action in bull riding.

Cyber ​​Referee software eliminates the challenges associated with the subjectivity and inaccuracy of scoring in sports by a human referee. The cyber referee is powered by artificial intelligence that makes no mistakes or misinterprets while observing and analyzing each of the related sport or competition related objects and/or the entire game in real time from multiple angles and uses unique algorithms to analyze the collected data analyze to derive goals Scoring and other scoring-related information, eliminating any possibility of favoring one athlete over another. Associated sports and competition-related objects can be human property, sports-related objects such as sports equipment, machines, and/or animals. Models could be trained to analyze any moving and/or still objects of any shape or form.

The company’s first goal is western lifestyle sports. Currently designed to score bull rides, they also target the performance of animal athletes and provide the ability to track performance as a digital performance fingerprint for breeding and livestock auctions. There are also dashboard graphs designed to broadcast graph statistics in real-time.

About Gwynifer:
Gwynifer AI Systems is based in the US and founded Cyber ​​Referee in 2018. It is made up of engineers who work tirelessly to push technology to its limits while reaching new heights of innovation. The benefits of AI in esports are overwhelming and part of the future in esports, performance tracking, marketing and broadcasting. Sports fans can also take part in this. This new technology will shape their experience and has tremendous marketing potential. Her team focuses on the computer vision vertical of artificial intelligence.


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