Cerence is developing Knight Rider-style biometric voice interactions for cars


Innovative biometric technology is on the way as several automakers introduce new features that use facial recognition, radar, artificial intelligence and other tools to improve safety and convenience for drivers.

Those who remember the 1980s television show Knight Rider might recognize it as Cerence Inc.’s Exterior Vehicle Communication, a suite of AI and voice-controlled features that allow drivers to interact with their cars from the outside interact, according to a company statement.

Cerence, a global leader in automotive technology, has combined its natural language understanding, text-to-speech, voice signal enhancement, and voice biometrics tools with an extensive microphone system to create something like Amazon’s Alexa, but for a car. Cerence Exterior Vehicle Communication will allow drivers to trigger actions with voice commands – such as opening the trunk or locking the car – and will have built-in biometric security features such as voice recognition technology to verify a user’s identity. With Cerence’s system, if you’re not David Hasselhoff, there’s no problem.

In a similar but more mundane implementation of voice controls, BMW is adding Amazon Alexa to its next-generation in-car assistant, reports Jalopnik.

Some emerging biometric technologies for vehicles are more introspective and address life and death issues. Take Volvo’s new indoor radar system, designed to prevent young children from being left in hot cars, which has caused more than 900 deaths nationwide since 1998, according to US government statistics. The company says sensors in the car’s roof and trunk are activated when someone tries to lock the car to determine if children or pets have been left in the vehicle. The system covers the entire interior and can detect movements in the submillimeter range. Volvo plans to introduce it on its EX90 electric SUV model before the end of 2022.

Not to be outdone in the EV department, electric car maker Genesis has announced three new vehicles for the UK market, according to GazetteXtra. The GV60 model will feature Face Connect, a suite of biometric extras that uses sensors and facial recognition for security features, and saves presets for seat, mirror and display options.

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