Part of the Red Kingdom in Manhattan


MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) – Part of the Red Kingdom lies in Manhattan, as chief collector Curt Herrman now holds one Guinness World Record for most chief memorabilia with over 1,110 items in his basement. Herrman broke the official world record a few years ago, but now he has it.

He started collecting when he was 10 years old and just didn’t stop from there. “The first item I ever got was the football right after they won the fourth Super Bowl, and after that everyone started buying me Chiefs stuff every year just for my birthday and the holidays,” Herrman said . He started the whole basement project about 6 years ago.

Herrman said he gets most of his items from family and friends, but he also finds things at antique stores and flea markets. He’s received more than 400 items over the past two years from random people who just ship to his door. He mentioned that he has a few things that are important to him. “I always want to point out that I have this Attack Cat by Derrick Thomas, it’s a six-foot-tall piece of cardboard from the 1994 Coke-a-Cola campaign. I also have a Christmas card, the ones from Lamar Hunt, Jack Steadman and Jim Shafen, which started the AFL and also the first Super Bowl they developed with that concept,” Herrman said.

Herrman said anyone hoping to break their record has a lot of work ahead of them. “I had to send a picture of every single item I have, send a copy of my database and show them a copy of my insurance, and then I had to make a video counting every single item individually and that’s what it ended up being approved,” Herrman said.

He also plans to keep his collection growing. “Yeah, I can’t help it, you know, that’s one thing my wife and I like to do, which is traveling around and visiting every antique shop we see,” Herrman said. He also mentioned that he doesn’t own a duplicate of an item and if he gets one, he will give it to one of his friends.

Herrman said he convinced his wife to give him the guest bedroom in the basement to continue his growing collection.


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