Darja Dugina: Putin opponent reveals new details about the attack & more news here



Darya Dugina died in a car attack in Moscow.

In the case of right-wing extremist Darja Dugina († 29), who was killed in an attack, new details come to light. Dugina was killed in an attack in a Moscow suburb last Saturday. Shortly after she got in, her car exploded. The attack was probably also directed against her father Alexander Dugin (60). But he was lucky, escaped the assassination by accident.

Russian exile opposition figure Ilya Ponomaryov, 47, claims he has evidence that Russian partisans from the National Republican Army (NRA) are actually behind it. This is a group that wants to fight the Putin system. To date, however, the NRA has not commented on the crime.

“They also informed me of the attack before it happened. They didn’t tell me exactly what would happen, but they certainly meant the assassination,” Ponomaryov told the world. After the attack, he would have received photos from the NRA proving the group was behind it. But he couldn’t show them. The risk of betraying those involved is too great.

helped escape

Ponomarev confirmed in the conversation that father and daughter should die. «When they pressed the button that detonated the bomb, they saw two people in Dugina’s vehicle. Earlier, Dugin and his daughter were seen walking to the car together in the parking lot. That’s why those responsible thought the two were still together.”

Only: He has no information about who the second person in the car was. “The Russian security authorities do not provide any information on this person, that’s interesting, isn’t it?”

According to the Russians, the Ukrainian agent Natalja V.* (43) is behind it. This is nonsense. She should serve as a scapegoat. Learning about this, he helped the agent flee from Russia to Estonia. “We couldn’t allow a Ukrainian woman to be in danger of being arrested.” After the assassination, the Russian domestic secret service FSB quickly realized that V. had killed Dugina. Ponomaryov says the Russian authorities would like V. to escape so as not to face a sham trial.

The opposition fears an attack by Novichok

The exiled oppositionist explains in an interview that he is in daily contact with the NRA. «I made my Telegram channel available to them for their inquiries. He’s safer because I’m in Ukraine.” But Ponomaryov says he’s not one of the NRA’s founders. It’s not possible because he’s not in Russia. “But I support them and convey their messages,” he says.

Ponomarev said he could not say anything about the number of members of the NRA. Because there are no official numbers. However, he suspects that between five hundred and a thousand people were involved in the partisan group.

In the interview, Ponomarev also explains why the NRA has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack: “The majority of the opposition is afraid, I get a lot of private messages.” They feared that Putin would poison everyone with the neurotoxin Novichok. At the same time, Ponomarev announces that there will be more attacks. (eco)

*Name known

Darja Dugina: Putin opponent reveals new details about the attack
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Darja Dugina: Putin opponent reveals new details about the attack
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Darja Dugina: Putin opponent reveals new details about the attack
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