New electronics – Edge Impulse releases support for BrainChip Akida Neuromorphic IP


Edge Impulse, a platform enabling ML at the edge, and BrainChip, a provider of neuromorphic AI IP technology, have announced their support for deploying Edge Impulse projects on BrainChip’s MetaTF platform.

Edge Impulse enables developers to build enterprise-class ML algorithms, trained on real sensor data, in a low-to-no-code environment. These trained algorithms can be quantized, optimized, and turned into Spiking Neural Networks (SNN) that are compatible and deployable with BrainChip Akida devices.

This feature is available for new and existing Edge Impulse projects using BrainChip’s MetaTF model deployment block built into the platform. This deployment block allows free-tier and enterprise developers to build and validate neuromorphic models for real-world use cases and deploy them to BrainChip Akida dev kits.

An image classification reference project is publicly available as a public Edge Impulse project, giving experts a head start in developing algorithms for next-generation neuromorphic computing.

Machine learning experts can build Akida-compatible models using the Edge Impulse expert mode within the learning block and using BrainChip’s MetaTF model deployment block to take Tensorflow-based models and quantize them to full or mixed low-precision bits from 1 to 4 bits. It also allows implementation of quantize-aware training to preserve performance.

Additionally, the optimized model can be converted to Akida-based SNN networks, and experts can download them to deploy on BrainChip’s Akida development kits. Users can also view performance metrics, Akida model summaries, and configuration data.

“We are pleased to support BrainChip’s expansion of their Akida technology,” said Jan Jongboom, CTO at Edge Impulse. “The combination of BrainChip’s advanced technology and Edge Impulse’s industry-leading developer experience provides users with a simple and seamless way to deploy ML at the edge using efficient and essential SNNs algorithms that drive the solving of real-world problems of all kinds.”

Edge Impulse is commonly used to rapidly develop, deploy, and maintain ML algorithms when security, low-power, and remote deployment requirements require intelligence at the edge. BrainChip’s Akida IP promises to massively increase the processing capability and efficiency of such applications.

Edge Impulse has started integrating BrainChip’s MetaTF software development environment to make it easier for ML and Akida newbies to take advantage of the technology into their projects.

“As a commercial leader in edge AI on-chip learning and neuromorphic AI IP availability, it is critical for BrainChip to build our ecosystem with key partnerships and technology leaders like Edge Impulse,” said Anil Mankar, Chief Development Officer at BrainChip. “By working together, both companies create an advantage for the ML community. This is just the beginning of how our Akida technology will spread into the ecosystem.”


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