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Report on Research Compliance 19, No. 8 (August 2022)

The most recent Semi-Annual Report (SAR) to Congress issued by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) details five findings of wrongdoing made by NSF based on previous OIG investigations.[1] and cases pending NSF decisions.[2]

As RRC As reported earlier this year, the OIG was investigating a case involving a professor and a graduate student, both recommended for misconduct.[3] In accordance with NSF and OIG policy, no institutions or persons subject to sanctions are identified. HHS, on the other hand, publishes such names.

The new report shows NSF took action against the student, but OIG said RRC Sanctions against the professor are still pending. The report also indicates no further progress in the search for a retraction, which the government says the professor has stopped.

Although investigated separately, the two have been accused of “misrepresentation” together[ing] Data in a publication and deposit[ing] the data in a genetic sequence database.” The university “determined that the graduate student engaged in research misconduct, engaged in reckless acts of data falsification, and violated the student code of conduct. The graduate student knowingly drew conclusions not supported by the experimental results and submitted these data in a manuscript for publication and a public database.”

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