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The British Prime Minister signed a historic agreement with the New Zealand Prime Minister at Downing Street earlier this month to strengthen research, science and innovation cooperation between the UK and New Zealand.

The research, science and innovation arrangement demonstrates its commitment to developing deeper connections between the countries’ science and innovation communities, strengthening cooperation between the two nations and building on areas of shared scientific and innovative excellence.

Collaboration under the agreement is said to be wide-ranging, from joint research and development of new technologies, to visits and exchanges of scientists, to innovation missions between companies.

The UK is working with New Zealand’s Department for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to implement the MoU, which will support the ambitions outlined in the UK’s Integrated Review to develop strategic science partnerships and strengthen the UK’s presence in the Indo-Pacific space to strengthen.

Britain’s science minister said the deal with New Zealand is another victory for bilateral science and innovation ties, particularly in the Indo-Pacific. It offers the opportunity to deepen collaborations with New Zealand’s outstanding science and research community in multiple fields, from space, quantum and photonics to Antarctic research and agritech.

Combining the UK’s long-standing leadership in crop and animal science with New Zealand’s world-class AgriTech ecosystem will also provide an exciting opportunity to build partnerships and collaborations, showcase the best of UK innovations in efficient farming and help UK businesses grow and Scaling while allowing access to global markets.

The agreement will support the UK’s access to New Zealand’s niche capabilities in areas such as quantum technology and enable collaboration that will drive global scientific development in these important areas. The agreement will foster collaborative work between our most innovative companies and the brightest researchers, while supporting our quest to become a global science superpower and innovation nation.

The UK Government also announced an Innovate UK Global Business Innovation Program (GBIP) in AgriTech with New Zealand, a venture that will support innovative UK companies to develop high potential links with the New Zealand AgriTech industry.

The program will provide access to New Zealand companies, universities, laboratories and investors, and will enable innovators to collaborate with their peers to develop solutions to common industry challenges such as: B. Promoting the use of robotics and satellite data for more efficient and accurate farming. UK SMEs are also supported in bringing their products and services closer to global markets. The recruitment of suitable people is scheduled to begin today.

Ways are already being explored with the UK High Commission in Wellington to implement the agreement and deepen the links between our research and innovation communities.

In their joint statement entitled “Building a safer, more sustainable and more prosperous future together”, the respective Prime Ministers of the two nations noted that New Zealand and the UK are old friends and close partners. This relationship rests on a foundation of history, shared values ​​and deep human connections that span almost every field, from science and innovation, sport, trade and investment to security and defence.

They also said the new science and innovation arrangement will facilitate greater collaboration between the countries’ researchers and companies and support the development of new commercial products and services in areas such as AgriTech and climate change to address common challenges.


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