Oracle and Microsoft announce the launch of cloud connectivity


Thanks to a new partnership between the two companies, Oracle Cloud users can now deploy, access, and monitor their databases without leaving their Microsoft Azure dashboard.

The new tool called Oracle Database Service allows users to migrate or build new applications on Azure and then connect to managed Oracle Database services like Autonomous Database running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The latest connection could help organizations avoid the usual ingress and egress involved in moving data between different workloads.

How much is it?

According to Oracle, customers will not be charged for using the new service, nor for the underlying network connection, data egress or data ingress between Azure and OCI.

Customers apparently only pay for the other Azure or Oracle services they use, such as Azure Synapse or Oracle Autonomous Database.

“There’s a well-known myth that you can’t run real applications across two clouds,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “We can now dispel this myth by enabling Oracle and Microsoft customers to easily test and demonstrate the value of combining Oracle databases with Azure applications.”

He added: “No deep knowledge on our platforms or complex configurations are required – anyone can use the Azure portal to share the power of our two clouds.”

This isn’t the first time the titans of cloud hosting have joined forces. In 2019, Oracle and Microsoft partnered to provide Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, with the latest version being billed as an extension of the previous interconnect.

Where can I sign in?

Unfortunately for customers in more remote environments, the service is initially limited to 11 locations worldwide, all located in relatively urban areas where Oracle’s and Microsoft’s data centers are geographically close.

You’re apparently in good company if you sign up, as Oracle claims early customers for the service include FedEx, Marriott International, AT&T, and General Electrical.

To start your enrollment for Oracle Database Service for Azure, visit the enrollment site here (opens in new tab).

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