Government schools in Chandigarh to digitize all students’ records: The Tribune India


Tribune News Service

Naina Mishra

Chandigarh, June 27th

Now, the records of students, teachers, and infrastructure at every state school in the city will be digitized, which will allow the UT Department of Education to track a student’s performance and subject teacher shortages in real time.

An expense of Rs 7.53 lakh at a rate of Rs 2 per student for the Monitoring Information System (MIS) and Rs 3 per student for the Child Tracking System has been estimated for the collection of student data from Pre-school to Grade XlI. The same database is used to monitor students’ progress on the Vidya Samiksha Kendra.

In order to ensure transparency in the education system, the Chandigarh Ministry of Education is ready to launch a “school management software”. It will keep records of the school infrastructure – the physical location of the school building, the number of classrooms, other room details, the availability of the necessary facilities. In addition, information on students, teachers and non-teachers will also be available on the portal.

Student information includes a child’s achievements, native language, religion, social class, country of origin, Covid vaccination status, height, weight and blood type.

School infrastructure details include building type, availability of potable water, auditorium, ramp, kitchen shed and separate toilets for boys, girls and staff; Disabled toilets, playground, perimeter wall and power status.

The software will also assess teachers’ job shortages and surpluses at each school, making it easy to streamline jobs through the online software.

Currently, student data is collected in a mobile application developed by SPIC, Phoenix. The app tracks learning and teaching in the city’s public schools.

To improve the central ranking of the city

With the launch of the “School Management Software,” Chandigarh will also have a head start in the Performance Grading Index, which provides annual state rankings of school education performance. The indicator “Number of teachers placed through a transparent online system” accounts for 20 points and “Digitally recorded percentage of average daily student attendance” accounts for 10 points. The UT lost 30 points because there is no system for digitally collecting data from teachers and students.


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