Mysuru gets a high-tech facility for speech-hearing therapy


The Center of Excellence (CoE) at the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH) in Mysuru, to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 20, will consist of 11 state-of-the-art centers – clinical, research and outreach – to meet the needs of individuals with communication disorders and conduct extensive research in this area.

The four-story building with a base area of ​​2,71,249 square meters will house state-of-the-art facilities for the needs of the speech and hearing impaired under one roof. The CoE is funded by the Union Department for Health and Family Welfare and costs £155.49 million.

The CoE aims to bridge the gap between the need and availability of professionals for the assessment and rehabilitation of individuals with communication disorders and to conduct fundamental and multidisciplinary research to create databases, tests and norms of the Indian population, according to the institute.

In addition to raising public awareness of communication disorders, it aims to build capacity to increase the outreach of clinical services for people with communication disorders.

The Center for Speech and Language Disorders in Children, Adults and the Elderly is expected to treat 5,900 people (treatment and rehabilitation) and 4,800 (assessment) per year. The Center’s activities include assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services including voice disorders, craniofacial abnormalities and cleft palate, neurogenic language disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and syndromes, and specific language deficits, childhood aphasia and related disorders.

Other centers coming to the CoE are the Center for Individuals with Tinnitus and Balance Disorders, the Center for Hearing Disabilities in Children, Adults and the Elderly, the Center for Individuals with Swallowing Disorders, the Center for Surgical Rehabilitation of Communication Disorders, the Center for Speech and Linguistics, Center for Hearing Sciences, Center for Prevention of Communication Disorders and Epidemiological Research and Cognitive Behavioral Science in Communication Disorder, Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Acoustics and Biomedical Engineering, and Center for AAC and Sign Language. Outreach centers include the Center for Public Education in Communication Disorders.

The centers evaluate, treat and rehabilitate people with tinnitus and vestibular disorders, hearing loss, swallowing disorders and provide medical and surgical rehabilitation for voice disorders associated with benign conditions and cochlear implants, middle ear implants and bone anchored hearing aids.

One of the centers designs and develops assistive technology devices, assistive and alternative communication devices (custom made) for people with communication disorders. It also aims to design and develop instruments and devices for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and to combine computer science and language technology for language-based work at the human-computer interface, according to a statement from the institute.


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