Bruker introduces enhanced 3D holographic stimulation for optogenetics on its Ultima 2Pplus multiphoton microscope


Bruker Corporation today announced the release of the NeuraLight 3D Ultra™ module to support advanced neuroscience and optogenetics research applications on Bruker’s Ultima multiphoton microscopes. NeuraLight 3D Ultra offers a revolutionary 3D holographic photostimulation specially optimized for functional and large-scale studies of neural networks and brain computations.

NeuraLight 3D Ultra. Photo credit: Bruker Nano Surfaces

Built on Bruker’s proprietary Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) technology, the NeuraLight 3D Ultra Module uses a new, larger liquid crystal chip that gives access to a larger field of view, improved aiming accuracy and a market-leading speed of 600 hologram frames per second. Coupled with the imaging capabilities of the Ultimate 2Pplus Microscope uniquely enables researchers to study behavioral, cognitive and disease mechanisms at larger scales and on a timescale that reflects the underlying biology.

The system works very well in our laboratory and we are delighted NeuraLight 3D Ultras Speed, field of view, and resolution that will enable us to conduct all-optical interrogation experiments with greater fidelity and precision. The new SLM format and associated optical relays offer a better compromise between field of view and resolution, which is advantageous for addressing a larger number of cells with improved accuracy. In addition, the very fast update speed of the system will allow activating sequences of cells at high rates.”

dr Adam Packer, Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow, University of Oxford.

We look forward to continuing to develop innovative tools in close collaboration with leaders in neuroscience research. With its largest field of view in its class in fast resonance mode, the Ultimate 2Pplus Microscope equipped with NeuraLight 3D Ultra is an optimized solution for purely optical queries of the brain.”

Xiaomei Li, Ph.D., Vice President and General Manager of Bruker’s Fluorescence Microscopy Business Unit.

About NeuraLight 3D Ultra

That NeuraLight 3D Ultra is a module that strengthens and diversifies the functionality of Bruker’s Ultimate multiphoton microscopes. These groundbreaking imaging systems have a proven track record of facilitating complex research in neuroscience and were the first to enable simultaneous imaging and photostimulation of biological samples. NeuraLight 3D Ultra can easily be connected to one of the optical ports of the Ultimate Microscope to allow independent imaging and simultaneous multicellular photostimulation. Comprehensive software enables user-friendly selection of targets in three dimensions with clearly defined timing. That NeuraLight 3D Ultra Module is available as an option for all new ones Ultimate 2Pplus Multiphoton microscopes and as an upgrade for select models of microscopes produced since 2006. Ultimate Multiphoton systems equipped with NeuraLight 3D Ultra and paired with Bruker’s electro-tunable lens option, they offer complete solutions for all-optical reading and writing of neural activity.


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