Colombian company launches new AI platform to help scientists solve complex challenges without coding


Last week, Cogniflow, a multinational startup with offices in Colombia and partners in the US and Uruguay, unveiled its no-code builder artificial intelligence platform. Aiming to empower scientists and researchers with no technical background in coding or data science, the software that allows anyone to create no-code AI includes a free plan that offers up to 50 predictions per day and the ability to create 5 AI -Train models per month, making it the ideal entry-level platform for anyone looking to create and use AI in their projects. The powerful yet easy-to-use builder comes with more than a dozen pre-trained models for users to choose from

Having already had a successful beta launch, the company has been developing use cases for the life sciences industry and scientific research community to help users in this sector get off to a fast start.

No scary future

“We didn’t just develop Cogniflow as an answer to the increasing shortage of software engineers with special AI training. But as a way to empower all entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists around the world who want to reach new levels in their fields or specialties where the use of AI is key to achieve these goals,” said Marcelo Martínez, CEO & Co-founder (photo above).

An impressive use case is the application of machine learning models to classify electroreceptors with 98% accuracy. Cell and neuron counting is another hot topic in current research where other computer vision techniques are used, such as: B. object recognition.

Led by a renowned research center in Latin America (IIBCE), the use case exemplifies how no-code AI technology will revolutionize both the outcomes and the speed at which scientific research can be conducted for the life sciences industry .

No code = possibilities

The underlining breakthrough is due to Cogniflow’s no-code capability. Now trending in the software development world, this technology gives scientists and researchers the ability to train and build complex AI models without having to write a single line of code.

Empower non-tech people

The builder includes multiple options that allow anyone to launch an AI model, from noise classification to object detection to multiple language recognition and transcription. Image recognition, speech recognition and even sentiment analysis.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we interact with technology. Cogniflow makes this process simple, fast and effortless. In its vision to enable anyone to turn data into intelligence, the platform offers cutting-edge artificial intelligence of any level of complexity of text, audio, video or images without writing a single line of code.

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