What happened to Todd and Julie Chrisley? An update on Chrisley Knows Best and the verdict


Almost a decade ago todd and Julia Chrisley rose to fame with the launch of her reality TV show Chrisley knows best in March 2014 on USA Network. The self-proclaimed real estate moguls opened their Atlanta home and shared a glimpse into their family life, which consisted primarily of their four children: Lindsie, chase, savannah and Grayson. Now USA Network’s “Most Viewed Original Series”. Chrisley knows best could look different after the recent charges against Todd and Julie.

What happened to Todd and Julie Chrisley?

On June 7, Todd and Julie were found guilty of multiple charges including conspiracy to defraud banks out of more than $30 million in fraudulent personal loans, conspiracy to defraud the IRS and tax evasion, the indictment said. Aside from a total of eight counts of financial fraud and two counts of tax evasion, Julie was also convicted of wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

The indictment states that Todd and Julie starred before Chrisley knows best, “they filed false bank statements, audit reports, and personal financial reports with banks” to get loans after Todd filed for bankruptcy with $20 million in debt. Similar behavior has reportedly occurred again.

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At this time, Chrisley knows best and they “operated a rental company that received their income from their shows and other entertainment projects.” To avoid paying “arrears of taxes owed by Todd, they kept the company bank accounts in Julie’s name only.” The indictment stated that Todd and Julie failed to file their taxes with the IRS from 2013 to 2016.

You can read the full judgment from the Department of Justice here. Todd and Julie’s accountant Peter Tarantino was also charged. The Chrisleys’ sentencing is scheduled for October 6 and the pair could face up to 30 years in prison.

is Chrisley knows best still on?

standing now Chrisley knows best was not cancelled. According to several outlets, the second half of Chrisley knows best Season 9 is still scheduled to premiere on June 23. sources said The Hollywood Reporter that the latest episode was filmed before Todd and Julie went to court in May.

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Around this time, the USA Network renewed itself Chrisley knows best for a tenth season. Another source told TVLine that production for the next season hasn’t started yet, but USA Network previously said it will “air later in 2022.” The split Growing up Chrisleyabout Chase and Savannah, who live in LA, got a fourth season. E! had also announced that Todd would be hosting a new dating series called dear limousine next year.

Where can I watch and stream Chrisley knows best?

You can watch Chrisley knows best in the US network. Chrisley knows best returns with new season 9 episodes June 23 at 9pm ET. If you don’t have access to regular cable, you can sign up for a streaming service that has a monthly subscription instead of a lengthy contract. Once you have a cable login or one of the platforms below, you can watch Chrisley knows best on the USA Network website, USA Network app, or equivalent streaming service app of your choice.

  • YouTube TV ($65 per month, free 2-week trial included)
  • Hulu + Live TV ($65 per month, seven-day free trial included)
  • fuboTV ($65 per month, free seven-day trial included)
  • SlingTV ($35 per month, 14-day free trial included)

    Alternatively, you can watch Chrisley knows best on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play Store and Vudu.

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