Datometry Hyper-Q modernizes logistics data


datemetrya pioneer in database virtualization, unveiled the successful and complete modernization of the data platform of a leading logistics company with Datometry Hyper-Q.

The integrated container logistics company, listed in the Forbes Global 2000, migrated from its legacy on-premises data warehouse to Microsoft Azure Synapse in record time. It needed a technical solution that manages high-volume ETL processes supported by a large pool of business analysts and data scientists.

According to Datometry, the logistics company chose its solution because it wanted to move to a cloud data warehouse to manage customers’ supply chain flexibility and speed requirements. As a result, it has reportedly saved millions in rewriting SQL code and reduced the risks associated with porting existing applications to Azure Synapse natively.

“As a global pioneer in maritime and inland shipping, our client – arguably the world leader in logistics – has long been at the forefront of organizations’ ability to meet the needs of businesses – and their customers – worldwide. A company of this customer’s size and scope, migrating to the cloud so quickly with Datometry and Microsoft without the costs and risks of a typical migration, demonstrates how database virtualization can unlock the benefits of the cloud for any organization,” said Mike Waas, CEO at Datometry.

Hyper-Q is “a SaaS platform that allows applications originally written for a specific database to run natively in a cloud data warehouse. It enables the company to move to the public cloud without a very time-consuming, costly and risky database migration. Specifically, Hyper-Q rewrites the SQL statement to take advantage of the intricacies of the new target cloud platform.

Compared to digitized migrations like the services offered by Datometry, Traditional migrations are far more expensive, with a 20% chance of success, and very time-consuming – typically taking at least five years to fully complete.

Leading Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies use Datometry Hyper-Q to accelerate cloud modernization and move workloads between data warehouses. It eliminates risky, expensive and time-consuming application rewrites.

McKinsey & Co identifies Asia as the center of all growth and investment logistics activities. The management consultancy predicted that Asia would contribute 50% to global trade growth. Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand have the highest growth potential. Industry movers must strategize and reconfigure current technologies to capitalize on this opportunity.

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