Swiss startup uses artificial intelligence to achieve up to 99% accuracy in video translation


Rotkreuz, Switzerland, May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — vidby AG has created a service that translates and speaks videos in 70 languages ​​in minutes, starting at $0.9 per minute of original video. vidby enables bloggers, media, international companies and educational institutions to scale their content and business worldwide.

vidby is easy to use – it only takes a few minutes to place an order and the price is set at the time of ordering. Thanks to the team’s 8-year experience in language technologies, vidby enables its clients to eliminate translation errors and create the highest quality voice-overs.

“The mission of our company is to make all video content understandable while preserving linguistic diversity in the world,” says Alexander Konovalov, one of the co-founders of vidby AG.

vidby customers are already enjoying the following benefits of the product:

user friendliness: The order takes about a minute and, unlike the traditional approach, does not involve phone calls, letters or explanations. So you can save not only thanks to the speed and price of the translation, but also thanks to the quick placement of the order.

speed: vidby provides fully automatic translation and voiceover, which gives an almost instant result (one minute of waiting per minute of video.) It will be useful if you urgently want to bring video news to the world, what the video understands is about or choose out the necessary segments from a large amount of starting material.

quality: Thanks to vidby’s 8 years of language technology experience, the translation accuracy can reach up to 99%. We do this by involving people in the post-editing of the source text after automatic language recognition. Translation and voice output remain fully automatic.

Price: vidby offers a transparent and fixed price when ordering. Automatic translation costs $0.9 per minute of translation into the first language. Semi-automatic translation with 99% accuracy costs from $2.9 per minute of translation into the first language plus $0.9 for each additional language (for source videos in Ukrainian and other languages ​​of the Slavic group), from $5.9 for English and others Languages ​​of Western Europe and $7.9 for languages ​​with a specific dialect.

Eray Muller, Senior Communications Manager at Siemens Schweiz AG, used vidby to translate employee how-to videos. He appreciated the practicality, speed and quality of the translation.

“Practical, fast and good translation solution for internal employee videos,” says Mr. Muller.

Silvan Merki, Chief Communications Officer at Implenia AG, tried vidby to automatically translate videos into rare languages.

“The translation is very fast and of amazing quality – the whole context is clear,” he says.

Product release date

The first vidby prototype was launched in April 2021 and the first commercial version was released in September 2021. From April 2022, the company will start selling around the world. Translation costs depend on the video’s original language and desired quality, and start at $0.9 per minute of translation and dubbing of the video into the first language, plus $0.9 for each additional language.

Check out the product here: Every new customer gets a one-time discount of up to $10 with a minimum payment of $1 per order.

About vidby AG

vidby AG was founded in September 2021 in Rotkreuz, Switzerland by Eugen von Rubinberg and Alexander Konovalov and funded by its co-founders and private investors. vidby AG has now started selling tokenized shares

Find out more about the company here:

CONTACT: Eugen von Rubinberg vidby AG [email protected]

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