Remarks by Vice President Harris during a tour of the William J. Rutter Center


UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center
San Francisco, California

THE VICE PRESIDENT: But I’m so looking forward to our talks. But you all just have to know, we applaud and thank you. We are so thankful for what you all do. And you know, we were just talking about this – it takes a lot to do the work that you all do and it can be quite painful because you see so much pain and care so much.

And despite all of this, you are all about empowerment, about recognition – not about giving, but about recognition of dignity and the fight for rights.

And the gift you have and give is extraordinary. And that’s why I wanted to come here today – and with the admin – so we can talk to you, we can visit you, so we can talk about you as we travel across the country.

Because, you know, we talked about that earlier. As we fight to ensure women and their families and communities get everything they are entitled to, it is important that we also let them know that they are not alone. And that’s part of telling the story.

It’s also about letting them know and seeing what the solution looks like so they never have to experience the question of whether it’s even possible for them to be treated with dignity and get what’s for them what is necessary is to have a joyful and healthy experience and to be seen in the full wholeness of who they are.

By being here today and rising up and sharing what you are all doing here, we will be speaking to women all of whom will never meet, who will likely never know your name or mine, but who are benefiting from what you are all doing do here on the floor. So I would like to thank you all very much.

And so we begin our conversation.



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