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SAN JOSE, Calif., March 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synaptics Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) will demonstrate how its ultra-low-power, edge-based artificial intelligence (AI) SoC solutions can be deployed quickly and easily Vision, sound event detection (SED), keyword detection and language processing capabilities in a variety of applications at tinyML Summit (March 28-30). As a platinum sponsor of the gathering for the growing ecosystem of low-power machine learning (ML) developers, Synaptics will showcase its Katana and DBM10L system-on-chip (SoC) ICs and development tools. Both processors feature dedicated on-chip neural network inference engines, which are critical for current and future ML applications and IoT devices.

In addition to the application demonstrations, an on-site poster will describe an energy-efficient vision system for AI-based people counting and occupancy applications.

“Ultra-low-power edge solutions require localized intelligence based on a unique combination of low-power hardware and sophisticated AI algorithms, but still need to be rapidly adaptable to new applications,” said Venkat Kodavati, SVP and Chief Product Officer at Synaptics. “We have developed sample applications that show how effective both our Katana and DBM10L platforms and associated tools are in enabling training models for specific IoT use cases. They are well suited to accelerate the adoption of tinyML for the microwatt era of smart and flexible battery powered devices across a variety of industries.”

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The Vision demonstration will use the recently announced Katana Edge AI Evaluation Kit (EVK) to read instrument counter clusters. It will show how expensive legacy industrial assets can be brought into the Industrial IoT (IIoT) revolution by simply placing a Katana-enabled smart camera near the asset’s display and sending the readings back to a central server. It can be scaled as needed to read counters from equipment on a factory floor.

There will be two DBM10L demonstrations. One of these will be a keyword spotting demonstration in partnership with Imagimob, showing how quickly and efficiently developers can implement new AI models on the DBM10L using the Imagimob tool.

The second DBM10L demo shows an example of SED capabilities developed using Synaptics’ algorithms. The sound to be detected is reproduced from an external speaker and the classification is performed by the DBM10L’s dedicated neural network inference engine. The demo highlights the robustness of the SED algorithm in a noisy environment and the efficiency with which it can be run on the DBM10L. Additionally, an ML expert will be on-site to discuss how robustness of the model was achieved efficiently.

A poster describing how to perform people detection and counting operations using the Katana Edge AI evaluation kit will be exhibited with the demos. People detection and counting are just as important for smart buildings as they are for occupancy detection in stadiums and theaters, but to be useful they need to be simple and low-power enough to go anywhere.

The Katana and DBM10L SoCs and the Katana Edge AI EVK are available now through Synaptics’ distribution channels. To learn more, see:
Demo: Katana Edge AI EVK Meter Reading Panel
Demo: Katana Edge AI EVK performs people detection and counting
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