Top 10 AI APIs best suited for building super intelligent apps in 2022


by Disha Sinha

February 17, 2022

Leverage AI APIs for super-intelligent apps to deliver rich customer experiences

Super smart apps are highly sought after by audiences for their smarter use of device features. Yes, customers can efficiently and effectively receive all relevant information and recommendations on their concerns. The integration of AI APIs for apps offers several advantages of super-intelligent apps. Artificial intelligence apps increase sales with better customer engagement and richer experiences. The global intelligent apps market size is projected to reach US$50 million with a CAGR of 17.4% in 2030, while the API management market size is projected to reach US$6.81 billion with a CAGR of 33% in 2025 and the global market for artificial intelligence is projected to reach $169,411 million at a CAGR of 55.6% in 2025. So, let’s examine the combination of these three into the top ten AI APIs for super smart apps to use in 2022.

Top 10 AI APIs for Super Smart Apps in 2022

Open AI

Open AI is one of the best AI APIs for super smart apps as it provides access to GPT-3 which performs a variety of natural language tasks as well as Codex. Codex helps translate natural language into code. AI APIs for apps provide ultra-fast response times, high-volume requests with scalability, and the flexibility to make machine learning teams more productive. Artificial intelligence apps help developers with free content filtering, end-user monitoring, and specialized endpoints to limit API usage.

AWS AI Services

AWS AI Services is popular because it offers pre-built AI APIs for apps and workflows. AI services can be seamlessly integrated into apps to solve problems like contact center modernization, personalized recommendations, security enhancements, and more. AI APIs for super smart apps provide advanced text analytics, automated code reviews, chatbots, demand forecasting, fraud prevention, image and video analytics, and more. helps build super intelligent apps with AI APIs and natural language experiences. It enables customers to interact with branded products through voice and text. It not only focuses on mobile apps, but also on bots, smart homes and wearable devices for customizable experiences. This AI API for apps builds applications and devices to call or text. It also provides a natural language interface for applications to convert sentences into structured data.

Alexa Skill Management API

Alexa Skill Management API is one of the most popular AI API for super smart apps, known as SMAPI operations to create and update skills when manifesting skills. There is a requirement that the ASK CLI should have an authorization header for the access token. This AI API for apps requires OAuth 2 and token authentication.


Google provides cloud APIs to automate workflows using the programming language of choice. There are several Google AI APIs that support artificial intelligence apps such as: B. App Engine Admin API, OS Login API, Compute Engine API and many more. Google is popular for offering syntax analysis, sentiment analysis, entity analysis, and multilingualism to create expectations for new data. It is known for having completed a phase known as the artificial intelligence phase.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is popular because it offers a hybrid and multi-cloud management platform for APIs in all environments. Organizations are adopting API architectures to drive growth in a single place by deploying API gateways with the APIs hosted in Azure. The arthropod genus is known for providing apps with the ability to work with human speech – speech to text, text to speech, speech translation and voice recognition.

IBM Watson

The IBM Watson API helps integrate conversation, speech and advanced text analytics into apps with its AI API for super intelligent apps. Businesses can leverage IBM Watson API to extract sentiment and emotion, Watson Natural Language Understanding to drive deeper business insights to integrate conversational interactions, and Watson Discovery. It also features Watson Assistant, RegTech, Watson Health, AIOps and Watson Media for building super smart apps efficiently and effectively.


ParallelDots provides Komprehend AI APIs as a comprehensive set of document classification and NLP APIs for software developers. There are trained NLP models for a billion documents with sentiment analysis and emotion detection. App AI APIs can leverage sentiment, keywords, emotions, NER, taxonomy, semantics, intent, and abuse to create a super intelligent app in 2022. It promises real-world accuracy, open text data, and flexibility to deploy via Docker containers without data loss. is one of the best AI APIs for super smart apps that provides accurate speech to text APIs according to speech recognition needs. Developers can receive audio and video with unmatched accuracy in an easy-to-use API. It is known for training language models on over 50,000 hours of verbatim transcribed speech data to generate an API-driven automated speech recognition engine. Artificial intelligence apps can consume asynchronously and stream with simple integration.

Einstein Language API

The Einstein Language API is a popular AI API for super-intelligent apps that enables the creation of NLP models for classifying text intent, or text sentiment—positive, negative, and neutral. This Einstein Language API is known to consist of two categories: Einstein Mood and Einstein Intent. It helps build artificial intelligence apps to analyze emails, text from chats, social media, and custom models.

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