Canadians donated half of funds to trucker protest, leaked data shows


The Bitcoin campaign, which has received more than 5,000 mostly small donations, has been aided by a handful of large infusions of cryptocurrency boosters. The two largest, totaling more than $300,000 at the time of their manufacture, were donated anonymously.

A number of others, valued at around $42,000 each, appear to be linked to an online challenge by a former software engineer who goes by the alias LaserHodl and has asked other Bitcoin fans to join him in support of the trucker convoy. Jesse Powell, founder of crypto exchange Kraken, tweeted his approvaland a donation attributed to him appears in the data.

Benjamin Dichter, one of the organizers of the convoy, said at a news conference last week that he received offers of help from “major players” in the crypto markets after the start of the cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaign.

“I was shocked at how quickly I started receiving messages from some of the most prominent bitcoiners in the world,” he said.

The GiveSendGo data leak was announced Sunday night on a website titled “GiveSendGo IS NOW FROZEN” with a five-minute video showing a manifesto from the anonymous hackers scrolling across the screen. In it, the hackers complained that the trucker protest had “held a city hostage” and warned that it “could be a cover for a type of Trojan attack in which extremists and militias could arrive in large numbers with guns.” “.

The data includes a record for each donation that includes the donor’s name, zip code, and email address used. It’s not possible to independently verify every donation, but some of them match donations that had appeared publicly on the GiveSendGo website before it went offline.

For example, Mr. Siebel was quoted last week by a Canadian news station as noting that his name appeared with the $90,000 donation at the time of the donation on the Convoy campaign website. About half of the donations didn’t have an individual’s name on them when they appeared publicly on the site.


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