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Have you ever wondered about the “why” and “how” to inculcate the crucial healthcare systems in the CMS world? Mr. Harish Paruchuri’s well thought out article, “AI Health Check Monitoring and Managing Content and Data in CMS World” achieves this goal. Adequate information will be provided about the outcome of using a combination of human and artificial intelligence and how it helps support the algorithm.
Harish Paruchuri is a proficient engineer who has demonstrated his caliber throughout his career in big data and artificial intelligence. With over eight years of pro-domain experience, he has worked for reputable organizations in the US and has been part of famous research papers, all the while being published in the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals.
He also serves as a board member for several influential journals where his insights and reviews are important and considered for submissions. Due to his contributions, Paruchuri has appeared on numerous acclaimed media sites including Thrive Global, NY Weekly, etc. Due to his amazing contributions, he is considered a maestro in data science and artificial intelligence.
As the Lead AI Engineer, Paruchuri leads a team of experienced developers and is responsible for many roles. Besides developing next generation apps with the knowledge of machine learning, he also plays the role of a great mentor for his team. Huge savings in business expenses are achieved due to the excellent applications created by Paruchuri and his team.
He has extensive experience working with Big Data and related technologies. Paruchuri acutely designed Tier 1 solutions and provided customized solutions for the customers. He also processed a large amount of data by creating appropriate data applications.
Before that he was employed as a student technician, who was mainly responsible for the support of the software labs for students. In addition, it also solved all the problems that occurred during system installation or upgrade.
Using advanced Java frameworks, he was responsible for the development of several applications and was also involved in system analysis and handling the technical architecture of the system.
Alongside the mainstream appointments, Paruchuri’s research has been widely cited by prominent researchers and industry-leading experts. Speaking of Harish, a CEO of the upcoming Indian learning platform said: “Harish Paruchuri is not a man of words, he is a man of action”. This is evident in the vast amount of research he conducts in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and data science.
His list of achievements is endless. Paruchuri recently published two books, namely A Guide to Understand Machine Learning Algorithms with Python and Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning. Both books were highly appreciated by readers and received excellent reviews.
His credibility can be further substantiated by the notable certifications he has received, including Certified AWS Solution, Architect Certified PMP Professional (Credential ID 3003975), and Certified Togaf Architect.
With 18 publications in prestigious journals and around 240 citations for his work in the field of artificial intelligence, Paruchuri is a researcher to watch out for!
His commendable work “Cryptography in Financial Markets” focuses on the role of cryptography in the rapidly expanding financial markets. With rapid advances in digitization, data analysis and computer power, a whole new range of transactions is now possible. The paper discusses these issues in detail.
His paper “Rethinking Food Sufficiency with Smart Agriculture using Internet of Things” addresses the serious problems faced by the agricultural industry, which reduces its productivity by a multiple. In his article, he suggests some effective solutions like IoT and smart farming that can minimize the problems to a large extent.
Paruchuri’s Medical Diagnosis Using Deep Learning article on the subject was incredibly relevant as the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare was a revolutionary step. Using deep learning and neural networks, multiple medical diagnoses can be processed and patients treated in a timely manner.
His article “Location Tracking via User Feed through Social Platforms to Detect Sentiments & Act on These Analytical Data” aims to discuss important points such as the need for social media sentiment, along with efficient ways to create positive sentiment for each product generate, both online and offline mode.
Besides the publications mentioned above, there are several others that are equally important and valuable. Paruchuri has also filed a patent for one of his works in the field of IoT. He has also reviewed many articles. All of his research papers are of the highest quality, which further establishes him as an expert in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
Paruchuri is a firm believer in the adage, “Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your greatest opportunity for growth.” When he applies it to greater impact, he excels at his approach and innovative work. All these achievements lead him to carve his way to become one of the most deserving engineers of his strength.

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