PPO number for pension in EPF: how to find it


The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) sends each retiring employee a letter with details annuity payment order (PPO), for the provident fund and payment of the pension. It is the reference number for all communication with the Central Pension Settlement Office (CPAO). The PPO number helps in receiving the pension. It is also important to include this PPO number when submitting a Certificate of Life annually. A PPO number is basically a reference number for every communication with CPAO.

The new 12-digit PPO number is unique to each pensioner, family pensioner and will serve as a reference number for all communications to CPAO. Retirees can check the status of their pension and file complaints using the PPO number only, as the CPAO database only recognizes the 12-digit number.

CPAO was incorporated on January 1, 1990 and as such does not have a record of pensions sanctioned by various government agencies prior to 1990. In order to maintain records of such retirees in the CPAO computer database, information on such retirees may be provided by the PAO of the retiree’s Parents’ Office or the relevant CPPC, duly supported with certified photocopies of old pension papers, and shall be given a 12 digit number assigned.

How to read the PPO number

In each 12-digit PPO, the first five digits indicate the code number PPO Issuing Authority, the next two digits indicate the year of issue, and after that the four digits indicate the serial number of the PPO, while the last digit is a check digit for computer purposes. For example a PPO numbered 709650601302 implies that PPO was issued in 2006 by AG Madhya Pradesh and is the 130th PPO issued by this PPO issuing authority and has been assigned computer code-2.

Know the PPO status

Anyone can know the status of a specific PPO by using the “Know your status” link. In addition, retirees have been offered the opportunity to download the copy of the PPOs issued by CPAO and subsequent amendments by using login and password after registering on the CPAO website www.cpao.nic.in.

If you forgot the PPO number or want to find the PPO, you can easily retrieve it anytime with your bank account number or with your member ID.

Find forgotten PPO numbers with these steps:

1. Visit the EPFO ​​website – www.epfindia.gov.in

2. Click on “Retiree Portal” (left side under online services)

3. On the next page – Welcome to the pensioner portal – click on “Know your PPO No.”

4. Here you can enter your bank account number that is linked to the pension

Upon submission, you will be told the PPO number, member ID and type of pension.

Alternatively you can access this link directly – (https://mis.epfindia.gov.in/PensionPaymentEnquiry/)

It is a separate portal for the pension where you can find out about the PPO details. Here you can use four different services, such as –

  • Jeevan Pramaan request,
  • Do you know your PPO No.,
  • PPO Request/Payment Request,
  • Know your retirement status

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