OneConnect’s open AI innovation platform for inclusive finance wins the 2021 Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Progress Award


The Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Progress Award is presented annually by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and is the highest award for intelligent science and technology in China China. OneConnect is one of only five companies to receive the award in 2021, solidifying its leadership position as an AI innovation, R&D, applications and ecosystem development company of China financial services industry while strengthening industry support for OneConnect.

OneConnect’s open innovation platform was first launched in 2019 after its parent company, Ping An Group, became the only integrated finance company approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) to build an inclusive finance platform. An open platform for inclusive finance was developed to address the underlying problems of low efficiency and lack of innovation in the banking and finance industry and enables the delivery of comprehensive and effective services to all social groups and populations. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, FinTech organizations can help expand the breadth and depth of financial services and administration offered, provide better solutions to underserved or imbalanced supplies, address risk control challenges for financial institutions, and reduce operational costs for lenders .

OneConnect’s platform combines the company’s extensive experience in AI R&D and applications with Ping An Group’s core AI technology engines, products and solutions, as well as the R&D forces of leading higher education institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and of Peking University. The open innovation platform takes full advantage of AI and accelerates breakthrough technologies that integrate AI and financial services, provides a practical platform for exchange and transformation of core AI technologies, and promotes industrial modernization and the development of inclusive finance ecosystems.

With its open platform, OneConnect has addressed key technical bottlenecks unique to financial services, such as: B. Intelligent identification and data processing. Providers can access core AI technologies with independent IP rights, API libraries and AI templates for various financial services functions, configurations and business types, which in turn enable the creation of end-to-end solutions for typical financial inclusion use cases.

Currently, OneConnect has completed the basic designs for the platform; Formulate and improve annotation specifications for videos, text, images and voices in the financial services sector; and started building a multimodal financial dataset. The platform also offers hundreds of APIs that provide partners with basic technical processing functions such as image recognition, speech recognition and natural language processing, as well as AI application solutions based on multiple financial scenarios such as risk control, marketing and operations.

Since its inception, OneConnect has continually invested in technology research and development. away December 31, 2021the company has filed 5,652 patent applications worldwide, including 1,525 foreign patent applications. The technology used in OneConnect’s AI Open Innovation Platform for Inclusive Finance has also received multiple awards, taking first place in numerous international computing challenges, including the OMG Emotion challenge at the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks hosted by the University of will Hamburg; Document Visual Question Answering (DocVQA) challenge; Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD) on reading comprehension; Stanford DAWN Deep Learning Benchmark (DAWNBench); 14th workshop on semantic evaluation (SemEval2020); and the DSTC7 international workshop on natural language generation.

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