Top hoops performer in the Poconos in early 2022


The college basketball season kicks off nearly two weeks in the new year and offers student-athletes plenty of games to help them make resolutions.

Teams with difficulties had holiday tournaments outside of the league to tinker with lineups and work on weaknesses. Strong teams – like the boys from Pocono Mountain West and the girls from East Stroudsburg South – used the holidays to challenge themselves against formidable opponents.

As the basketball season nears its midpoint, here are some of the Poconos’ top performances to date in 2022.

Appearances by the big three of the boys

  1. Julian Pagan dumped 21 points in the 70-48 victory of Pocono Mountain West against Stroudsburg on January 4th. West allowed Stroudsburg back into the game by giving up 27 points in the second quarter before Pagan slammed the door with 10 points in the second half.
  2. Even if the defense of Pleasant Valley could not hold the halftime lead in front of William Allen, Jarod Moore scored 51:40 in a game the Bears ultimately lost. Moore scored 19 of the 40 points from PV.
  3. Jahsan Simms scored 17 points as East Stroudsburg South drove to a 79-41 win over Pocono Mountain East. The entire line-up of the Cardinals got just one point in the second quarter, in which Simms himself contributed seven.

Appearances by the girls’ big three

  1. Vatija Davis Stroudsburg dominated from start to finish with 38 points for West on January 4th. In fact, she surpassed Stroudsburg in the first half alone with 20 points before the 16. Davis followed up with 32 points against Parkland on Saturday.
  2. Layla Hernandez lost 18 points in East Stroudsburg South’s 45-38 win over William Allen. The second class was perfect in all of her 10 free throw attempts.
  3. Laneice Williams scored 17 points in South’s 44-41 win over East. The Cardinals came back from an eight point deficit to start fourth, but Williams proved to be South’s steady hand on offensive.

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Second half of the studs

Several Pocono hoopers showed up when it mattered most, reinforcing their teams late with a great dominance in the second half.

Pocono Mountain Wests Christian Fermin showed his shooting skills on goal in the second half of the Emmaus win, making him one of the top 100 players in the country. Fermin scored 17 of his 25 points in West’s 58-48 win. Fermins 17 made up about half of West’s 35 points in the second half.

Pocono Mountain East fought its way back into the game against East Stroudsburg South almost entirely thanks to the offensive fireworks display Anayah Williams. Without teammate Zoe Cruz in the line-up, the junior scored 20 points in the game – 16 of them in the second half.

Western Guard Just in love scored 15 of his 22 points against Freedom in the second half of West’s 66-43 win. The Panthers Junior gave up four 3-points against the Patriots on Friday.

Stroudsburgs Kendel card scored 14 of their 17 points against West in the second half. Though Stroudsburg lost the game 67-53, Card and the Mountaineers West beat 37-25 in the second half.

Pleasant Valley lost 67:55 to Louis E. Dieruff, Junior Patrick Moore kept the Bears alive with 13 points in the fourth quarter. Moore ended the night at age 18.

Who is hot Who is not

Hot: The Pocono Mountain West boys’ team continues to be Monroe County’s top basketball program. The Rich Williams team defeated the top ranked District 11 team in Class 6A with their win over Emmaus. The win brings West to 6-0 against EPC opponents, behind defending champions Allentown Central Catholic’s 7-0 conference record.

Not: The Pocono Mountain East boys’ team fell to 1-7 overall and 0-6 in conference play, thanks to a streak of three games to kick off the new year on Tuesday.

Hot: On the girls ‘side for West, Chrissy Campos’ team started on Tuesday with a strong winning streak of three games. A bumpy first half against Emmaus proved sufficient to end the series, but Vatijah Davis’s 24 points helped West outperform Emmaus in the second half.

Not: A 58-18 loss to Northampton meant eight straight losses for the Stroudsburg girls’ team. The young squad started the season with two wins and one loss before moving on to the round of 16. The Mountaineers’ loss to Northampton marked the team’s second loss of at least 40 points that season.

For a full overview of the local basketball standings, see our database with university sports statistics. You can also find basketball fixtures for girls and boys, boxing results, and statistics guides.

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