Celebration Bowl attendance, viewers surpassed several FBS Bowl games


The financial and figurative impact of the Celebration Bowl will support the growth of HBCU football in 2022.


The Celebration Bowl had 48,653 in attendance for the showdown between State Carolina State and Jackson State for the HBCU National Championship title.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium was also the venue for the Peach Bowl 2021. Participation in the Pittsburgh vs. Michigan State competition was 41,230 Fans on the seats.

Jackson State ran most of the FBS and FCS schools with an average home game participation of. in the regular season 44,021. Mississippi Memorial Stadium in Jackson, MS, can accommodate up to 60,492 people.

According to Eli Boettger of the Collegiate Sports Management Group, the average attendance at FBS games in 2021 was 38,775, a -6.5% change from 41,477 in 2019.

Jackson State Head Coach Deion Sanders and South Carolina State Head Coach Oliver Pough


The Celebration Bowl had 2.6 million Viewers on television in relation to viewership. It was the highest score since 2016 for the HBCU Showcase game.

Compared to the Armed Forces Bowl (2.6 million) and bowl with a guaranteed price (2.4 million), the Celebration Bowl had extremely positive numbers early on for Saturday afternoon football action.

Between Southern and Grambling’s 48th annual bayou classic, audience ratings increased 40% and viewership increased 61% (1 million) with a final rating of 0.7 for NBC.

Audience and viewership figures influence television stations to broadcast and sponsors contribute millions to end-of-year games and bowling competitions. Events like the MEAC / SWAC Challenge, Orange Blossom Classic, SWAC Championships, Bayou Classic and Celebration Bowl will continue to be the flagship events of HBCU football.

Football fans gather by the thousands for the HBCUs Labor Day Classics, Turkey Day Classics, and other games that could spark the interest of networks and large corporations looking to get in touch with HBCU sports in 2022.


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