Citroen C3 SUV interior unveiled ahead of next year’s launch in India


New details have become known about the Citroen C3 SUV, which is due to hit the market in India next year. After a detailed look at the exterior profile of the French automaker’s second offering, pictures of the interior of the SUV emerged.

The small car Citroen C3 “Made in India, Made for India” was officially presented to the world at the beginning of September.

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It is currently offering the premium SUV C5 Aircross on the Indian markets.

At first glance, the cabin of the C3 SUV seems to offer a good amount of space in the interior. The wheelbase of the SUV measures 2,540 mm. Citroen promises that the passengers in the rear seats will also have “one of the best leg room in the segment”.

Citroen promises a higher seating position, a premium patterned dashboard, air vents that are vertical on the sides, horizontal in the middle, and plenty of storage space in the front half of the cabin.

The new Citroen C3 SUV will also be equipped with the Citroen Connect Touchscreen, a touchscreen infotainment system with a 10-inch screen located in the center of the dashboard. The screen will be compatible to wirelessly mirror smartphones and receive instructions through voice recognition activated through the steering wheel.

The cabin of the C3 has, among other things, three quickly rechargeable USB ports and a 12 V socket. Citroen had previously announced that the C3 will get a 1-liter glove box and 315 liters of luggage space.

Cristiano Gallo, Citroen’s Product Marketing Manager in South America, said: “Everything we have developed for this model has been done with one functional goal: to have a modern, versatile vehicle with a competitive range for our markets.”

Citroen C3 is billed by the French automaker as a “hatchback with SUV hints”. It is based on the Common Modular Platform (CMP). Citroen says the platform is electrically prepared, which means there could be an EV version of the C3 in the future too.

Externally, the C3 has a chic face with LED headlights and DRL units on either side. The two chrome strips on the bonnet split into two DRL units on both sides. It gets a sporty bonnet design, paired with eye-catching aluminum rims and LED taillights.

The Citroen C3 is delivered with 180 mm ground clearance, which should be enough for bad roads. It also has a turning radius of 10m, which makes it an easily maneuverable vehicle.

Citroen will offer the C3 with four color options. In addition to the two-tone exterior color orange-white, the car also has the combinations orange-black, blue-white and gray-black.

Citroen C3 is manufactured locally at the French auto giant’s Thiruvallur plant near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The automaker said nearly 90 percent of the car’s production will be done locally.


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