Voxbet secures new funding from the group, led by Matt Davey and Tom Waterhouse


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Voxbet, the developer of software that enables customers to speak or type their bets, has received strategic funding from a group of international investors led by. secured Matt Davey and Tom Waterhouse.

This key investment is courtesy of Davey’s investment vehicle, Tekkorp capital, alongside Waterhouse’s mutual fund, Waterhouse VC. The former also leverages the expertise and experience of two senior former executives from Fox Bet and William Hill in Robin Chhabra and Andy Clerkson.

The funding will be used to fuel Voxbet’s international growth, support the rapid development of its proprietary natural language technology for both voice and text services, and strengthen its product roadmap over the next 12 months.

One of the industry’s smartest investors and dealmakers, Davey, who has overseen 10 mergers and acquisitions, said, “At Tekkorp Capital, we provide a natural habitat for transformative, high-growth Igaming companies.

“We have seen Voxbet do an impressive job, but have been particularly impressed with their recent advances in speech recognition and natural language processing, which have given them a significant head start in this rapidly evolving industry.

“I expect that they will continue to improve and consolidate their existing product offering for geographic expansion. These transformative steps are in line with our own vision of the catalytic power of technology in digital sports betting. ”

Waterhouse, who founded Waterhouse VC to take advantage of over 20 years of industry experience, added, “The Waterhouse VC Fund aims to generate capital growth through long-term strategic investments in companies that can truly shape the future of sport Betting industry. Voxbet’s technology is improving immediately and offering international customers a decisive change in the UX, so that their references jumped aside. “

Jonathan Power, founder of Voxbet, said: “We are very pleased to be accompanied on our journey by such an excellent company. By leveraging their collective understanding and expertise, as well as an extensive network of longstanding relationships, Voxbet is immediately better positioned to strategically identify and implement our next important steps.

“The members of the team have been involved in some of the most influential and educational transactions in the industry and have always created significant shareholder value. Of course, they have an inestimable sense of advice over and above their respective investments. “


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