What are NFTs? How and where can you buy them?



NFT’s “non-fungible tokens”:

NFTs are digital tokens that are traded using cryptocurrencies or crypto on the blockchain technology. NFTs, which are a cryptographic asset, are unique with unique codes, meaning they are not interchangeable and are therefore known as non-fungible tokens.

Every Indian rupee is equal to another rupee unit, a bitcoin unit is equal to another bitcoin unit, even if it is a cryptographic asset. Each Ethereum unit has the same value as any other Ethereum unit, only the amount counts, but Every NFT’s unit is not the same as another NFT, they are not interchangeable like crypto or physical money.

They are not interchangeable. Along with the rapidly growing digital economy, digital assets are also growing in value.

How and where can you buy NFT's “non-fungible tokens”?

How and where can you buy NFT’s “non-fungible tokens”?

Since NFTs are digital assets, it is clear that owning NFT requires owning digital currency. Most of NFT’s “non-fungible tokens” are Ethereum-based tokens. Usually Ethereum is used to buy NFTs.

  • Buy the Ethereum with cryptocurrency exchange, send your crypto to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet to the NFT marketplace. There are a number of NFT markets online where you can purchase the NFT tokens.

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NFT are safe, secure, unique and trending. As an investor, one should always be careful when investing in any type of online or offline asset. Each individual should do their own research when investing, it can be stocks, mutual funds, real estate or other digital assets.



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