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Senator Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III

In his honorary address, Senator Tito Sotto suggested two “simple remedies” for the country’s major problems plaguing the Filipino prison:

“Mr. President, colleagues.

Not so long ago we were treated to television and movie series that held us in our seats as we waited for the next episode and unexpected turn of events. The trend then went to reality shows – the more outrageous, the more challenging, the better for viewers and ad sales.

The latest blockbuster tele series can be seen in the convention halls with real and lifelike convicts telling stories about the lives of the rich and famous behind prison walls. It is about you, Mr President. Incredible but true, Mr. President.

For me, it’s essentially a crime story. There may be lots and subplots, but it really is a breakdown of our penitentiary system. Where in the world do we have prisoners running the prison? Right here, Mr President.

I know the expression ‘grandes malos, grandes remedios’, Mr President – big problems need big remedies.

However, I stand before you today to propose a new strategy – big problems, simple workarounds.

I have two simple proposals, Mr President, which are languishing in our files and committee hearings. These are:

1. Senate Draft No. 7 or the SIM Card Registration Act and

2. Senate Act No. 1 on the Relocation of Prisons for Drug Bosses through the Creation of the Anti-Drug Penitentiary

Mr President, I am talking about cell phones, especially prepaid SIM cards, which anyone can easily use. Using a SIM card to aid a crime is not a new story.

We know very well that cell phones have been used countless times to commit crimes such as bombing, kidnapping, fraud, drug trafficking, and many other crimes where communication is key. This freedom in the use of prepaid SIM cards and its effects could also be felt in a small community. “Kung can kaaway ka, puwede ka bumiliing Simcard in Tindahan and Mag txt from Kung Anu-ano in Kaaway Mo.”

The SIM Card Registration Act is primarily a law that is primarily intended to be an effective remedy to require cellular operators to require registration of all prepaid cellphone subscribers by asking for valid ID when purchasing, and im In turn, start building databases and profiling these buyers in the same way that police detectives profile criminals suspects in order to easily spot criminal offenders. In this way, the database to be created could easily identify the possible perpetrators or the person of interest, which could ultimately deter criminal offenses.

Recent news events prove and confirm the failure of the Bureau of Corrections’ current treatment program and security measures to contain and prevent high-ranking illegal drug prisoners from continuing their possession, trafficking and trafficking in illegal drugs while in detention. So I tabled a bill to create a dedicated penal institution for high-ranking drug criminals. The objectives of this measure are:

1) to keep the high-ranking illegal drug offenders in their own prison and to prevent any existing influence on other inmates; and,

2) To provide high-level drug addict offenders who are themselves drug addicts with an effective drug rehabilitation program as an essential part of their rehabilitation in preparation for life outside of prison. Thus, the passage of this bill will strengthen the nation’s fight against drug-related crime.

A ghost haunts our judicial system – the existence of a multi-million dollar illegal drug industry that runs from manufacturing to distribution to payments – in the high-security prison building of our national prison. “


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