Bloomfield College Alumni Association Announces New Leadership


Members of the Bloomfield College Alumni Association (BCAA) cast their votes in December to elect a new leadership. Two alumni Maurice Lyle ’09 and Gage Daye ’12 have accepted the roles of President and Vice President, respectively, of the Bloomfield College Alumni Association and seek to work closely with the entire Bloomfield College community.

“We are delighted to welcome Maurice and Gage to the leadership of the Alumni Board,” said Sarah Lacz, Vice President for Institutional Development. “We are pleased that these alumni are stepping forward and would like to support their alma mater with their gift of time and talent.”

In both cases, each candidate was persuaded by other BCAA members to become more involved and to throw their hats into the ring for a leadership role on the BCAA board. The new leadership announced their intention to include alumni in discussions about how to create student-centered connections between alumni and the student body.

Newly appointed BCAA President Lyle said, “My hope is that we as alumni can Network with students and encourage them to make full use of the resources available to them on campus, as well as to engage with any new programs the Alumni Association is putting in place. Our goal is to become a strong force on campus. Our vision is for the Alumni Association to work with the college community to create opportunity and help current students take the necessary steps in planning a rewarding post-college career, “said Lyle.

New BCAA Vice President Daye, who also serves as the college’s assistant basketball coach for men, said that alumni can be very influential on students, saying, “By working with Bloomfield basketball players and other students, I am able to to encourage students to participate in the alumni association and at the same time create a network bridge for alumni to connect with students. I also know that alumni love to see their gifts used, and I look forward to working with alumni to plan new activities that encourage them to renew their interest in giving back to the school. ”

Lyle works as a financial advisor at a Fortune 50 financial institution on Park Avenue, New York City, where he is a member of the wealth management department. He and his team of specialists create bespoke, values-based financial plans for a select group of successful entertainers, families, professionals and business owners. He holds a BS in Finance from Bloomfield College.

Daye, who has played basketball professionally, is a career entrepreneur serving as Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Bloomfield College, where he identifies, evaluates and coordinates the recruitment of academically qualified student athletes; and leads the development and teaching of course players. He holds a BA in Human Resources Management and Services from Bloomfield College and an MBA in Athletic Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.


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