Dialpad meetings and poly partnership improvements



Poly’s industry-leading video and audio quality combined with Dialpad’s leading cloud communication solutions to seamlessly connect businesses through one-app-to-tap

Dialpad Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, announced a comprehensive meeting experience for the modern and hybrid workforce in Dialpad Meetings. As the world of work emerges from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are adopting and adapting to a hybrid work environment. In a recent global survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, 86% of companies said that more than 25% of employees will be working remotely in 2021, a significant increase compared to the years leading up to the pandemic. New enhancements to Dialpad Meetings combined with the Dialpad and Poly technology partnership will transform the hybrid work environment, delivering unparalleled video and audio quality to support the future of business collaboration.

Dialpad Meetings, launched in 2021, delivers a true Unified Communications as a Service (TrueCaaS â„¢) experience by bringing its suite of unified communications and collaboration products closer together on a cohesive platform with AI at its heart. Dialpad extends the capabilities of dialpad meetings to increase security, increase hybrid work compatibility, and improve the user experience.

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“Dialpad is a leader in the business communications industry and we are excited to join them and help shape the future of work.”

Dialpad meeting enhancements include:

  • Virtual backgrounds to avoid distractions, personalize video environments, and maintain privacy and security
  • Enhanced screen sharing capabilities with direct audio integration during video playback
  • Unique meeting links to increase security by preventing premature or unwanted access by participants
  • Mobile browser compatibility and easy “click-to-join” access to meetings to improve the user experience by avoiding unnecessary app downloads

“Dialpad Meetings is” the new next “in modern video conferencing and meeting rooms to exceed user expectations and help teams run smoothly,” said Craig Walker, chief executive officer, Dialpad. “The future of work is not limited by the location of employees or customers, it is limitless. The Dialpad cloud platform, along with our new partnership with Poly, gives people the ability to collaborate smarter and adapt to the way they work from anywhere on any device of their choice. “

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Through its partnership with Poly, a global supplier of professional audio and video technology, Dialpad Meetings offers an all-in-one video conferencing solution for meeting rooms of all sizes. Customers can easily provision, start and attend meetings using an intuitive video conferencing solution via a plug-and-play interface. Dialpad and Poly introduce Dialpad Meetings for Rooms to support flexible and hybrid working with a dynamic experience for participants in the office and at remote locations, enabling:

  • Connect dispersed and hybrid teams through an enhanced meeting experience to increase participant equity and engagement with dynamic audio and video from Poly Studio X-Series devices.
  • Equip meeting rooms with affordable hardware that is both flexible and scalable to easily customize collaboration spaces and adapt to the needs of today’s hybrid workforce.
  • Start meetings and join meetings by eliminating software downloads, delivering a consistent experience across the enterprise, and eliminating IT support tickets with centralized room management.
  • Increase meeting productivity with Dialpad Voice Intelligence (Vi), an integrated AI engine that provides real-time transcriptions of meetings for all participants. Vi combines Dialpad’s automated speech recognition and natural language processing to provide real-time transcription, call coaching, talking points and call analysis for better business conversations.

“Poly creates world-class audio and video products that enable people to have their best meetings – anywhere, anytime, anytime,” said Jeff Kubick, head of global voice service provider marketing, Poly. “Dialpad is a leader in the business communications industry and we are excited to join them and help shape the future of work.”

“The corporate communications market has traditionally focused on the office and knowledge worker segments, which has resulted in office and field workers often working in silos within the same organization. The COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of Delta and Omicron variants have taught us how important it is for companies to enable and actively enable effective communication links between all working groups, “said Elka Popova, Vice President and Senior Fellow, Information and Communication Technologies, Frost & Sullivan. “A highly collaborative workplace environment enables companies to optimize business processes and make better use of the diverse skills and expertise of employees in order to increase overall quality, improve safety, improve customer service and strengthen competitiveness. Dialpad understands this with the further development of its TrueCaaS platform, which combines unified communications and collaboration with omnichannel contact center solutions in a single app. With new advances in Dialpad Meetings and its poly partnership, Dialpad addresses the complex needs of a very heterogeneous hybrid workforce and positions itself as an important player in the upper class. “

With a truly unified solution delivered through a single pane of glass and customer loyalty on a cohesive platform with AI at its heart, Dialpad helps companies simplify business communication and collaboration. TrueCaaS offers enterprise-class corporate communication and collaboration services for companies of all sizes, all via one platform and one app to tap. Easy to deploy, available on any device and secured with Voice Intelligence (Vi â„¢) to create a searchable archive of every call, Dialpad improves communication between employees, customers and business partners who work from anywhere.

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