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Technology has changed numerous aspects of the way you want your life to be right now, but one of the biggest impact it has had has to do with the world of art. Drawing something used to take quite a bit of skill, but the advancement of neural networks and the like has given rise to new art forms that don’t require actual physical drawing or painting skills, although they are just as challenging from a creative standpoint.

With all of this said and now put out of the way, it is important to note that one of the most revolutionary technologies that many people are talking about in this regard is Pixray. This is a website that allows you to draw virtually anything you want, as long as you type it correctly. What it does is that the website uses AI to take your inputs and turn it into a visual work of art that could transform the way we make art.

Before that, there was a lot of work to improve the AI ​​in recognizing faces. It was so far that AI could create completely new faces that no one had seen before, taking all things into account. What is special about Pixray, however, is the fact that it goes beyond that by allowing you to type in any text you select and use the AI ​​to create an image that exactly matches that text.

This is revolutionary as this is the kind of thing that potentially allows us to create anything we want by just typing in a few words. Pixray’s use of the Clips model, released not so long ago by OpenAI, is both clever and useful and can be especially relevant in areas where models need to be created.

For example, a real estate developer could potentially use this AI to create a visual representation of something that they eventually want to build. Artists could also use this as a starting point to come up with new and better forms of expression that could spark a whole new cultural revolution, if you think about how it can benefit from it in many ways.

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