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iFlytek looks at the human-vehicle interaction application

The Chinese speech recognition company iFlytek is currently working on a human-vehicle interaction application in the field of smart cars. The company has launched intelligent vehicle-mounted voice assistants, intelligent vehicle systems and other intelligent automotive products, providing intelligent voice interaction products and solutions for the automotive industry. At the same time, the company is paying close attention to autonomous driving.

OPPO plans to introduce the first electric vehicle in India in 2024

According to sources, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO is entering the field of electric vehicles. The company plans to launch its first electric vehicle in India in late 2023 or early 2024. OPPO has applied for trademarks for various automotive products such as electric cars and self-driving cars in India.

China has more than 1,800 industrial 5G + internet projects under construction

China has more than 1,800 5G + Industrial Internet projects under construction, covering 22 key industries, as announced at the China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference.

China’s first empirical test platform for photovoltaic energy storage put into operation

China’s first empirical test platform for photovoltaic energy storage was completed and put into operation in Daqing. This platform was built as a basis for empirical outdoor tests for photovoltaic products, photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic energy storage systems. This year 141 technologies were built, including 9 energy storage products and 29 photovoltaic modules.

Economic Daily: Focus on hardware and ecology to deploy Metaverse

In order to use Metaverse in the future, according to Economic Daily, it is necessary to focus on hardware and ecology to increase hardware penetration, increase user base, allow developers to generate higher incomes, and then grow exponentially. At the same time, there is a need to cultivate a mature Metaverse business system and create a platform for creators to develop tools from niche communities to larger communities. Metaverse is currently a new frontier. For better development it is necessary to continuously research its organizational structure, value orientation and operating rules in order to avoid monopoly and hegemonism around metaverse.

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