EDB announces general availability of BigAnimal, PostgreSQL database in the cloud



BEDFORD, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) –EDB, a leader in PostgreSQL®, today announced the general availability of its BigAnimal â„¢ offering, the first fully managed PostgreSQL database in the cloud that is compatible with Oracle database technology. BigAnimal was developed and supported by the world’s largest PostgreSQL engineers and is aimed at companies that want to host their most demanding databases in the cloud.

“BigAnimal was designed in direct response to what our customers were missing from Postgres’ existing cloud offerings,” said Ed Boyajian, President and CEO of EDB. “These improvements are not incremental – they are transformative. We didn’t compromise. This means you get fanatical attention, native compatibility with Oracle database technology, and extreme high availability from the largest team in Postgres. And we do everything in your cloud account. ”

Accelerate your business with the best cloud PostgreSQL

Customers building serious cloud applications find that the basic PostgreSQL offerings available today are not getting what they need. Without the visibility, control, and performance tuning required for their most demanding workloads, they will be prevented from moving entirely to the cloud. BigAnimal responds to these needs by giving companies granular control over the database within their own accounts and all of the company’s PostgreSQL functionality, which EDB has developed over the past 15 years – while being entirely managed by EDB.

In particular, companies benefit from the following advantages with BigAnimal:

  • Partnership with PostgreSQL builders. PostgreSQL users have relied on EDB for their on-premises deployments for over a decade. With BigAnimal, users can now count on the unparalleled support of EDB’s world-class PostgreSQL experts.
  • Migrate applications in Oracle databases to PostgreSQL on Azure with no changes required. With BigAnimal, customers can reduce costs, time, and risk when migrating workloads from legacy Oracle databases to cloud environments. BigAnimal’s broad compatibility with Oracle database technology and comprehensive migration tools address a critical need for businesses looking to move quickly without sacrificing all of their old database investments in code, skills, and resources.
  • Increase transparency and control over your PostgreSQL cloud. BigAnimal runs in a customer’s cloud account so they can tightly manage, secure, and optimize their PostgreSQL along with their other infrastructure according to their business needs and spending commitments. BigAnimal also gives users an unprecedented level of control over their PostgreSQL with superuser access to fine-tune the database internals.
  • Minimize complexity with the same PostgreSQL everywhere. EDB Postgres users can expect a unified database experience, from EDB Postgres on-site to BigAnimal on Azure. This includes the ability to leverage their existing PostgreSQL capabilities, integrate the database into their DevOps pipelines, and leverage the enterprise features of EDB Postgres Advanced such as improved security, performance management, and compatibility with Oracle database technology. By supporting license portability, EDB also enables customers to easily deploy PostgreSQL whenever and wherever their business requires.

Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC: “In 2021 we saw a significant increase in spending on cloud infrastructure and we expect it to soon outperform non-cloud infrastructure. In view of this increasing reliance on cloud platforms, many companies do not have the in-house skills to provision, manage and optimize their databases. With EDB’s long track record of building and supporting Postgres, companies have a great option to transition smoothly and optimize their cloud database operations. ”

For more information about EDB and BigAnimal, and to sign up for a trial version, please visit www.biganimal.com.

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