Top 10 Cognitive Computing Tools for Tech Pros in 2021


by Sayantani Sanyal

October 17, 2021

Lately, cognitive computing has grown in importance. It has had a lot to offer the business world. Since the inception of IBM Watson, we’ve started seeing the transformations it can bring to businesses. People are now studying machine languages ​​to automate tasks by communicating with machines and giving instructions using cognitive computing. There are various tools and applications that are available in the market. This article introduces you to the top 10 cognitive computing tools in 2021.

• SparkPredict: SparkCognition’s SparkPredict can benefit the business as it applies sophisticated algorithms to your sensor data and makes the business network smarter. SparkCognition also offers other tools such as SparkSecure and MindFabric.

• Ignio Gepard from TCS: Ignio was founded in 2015 and was created to combine the three main pillars of technology – artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced software development. It facilitates automation that enables priority event management, reduction of false positives, prediction of urgent tasks in advance, and much more.

• Profundity: It is a cognitive computer software company that offers a customizable, game-like 3D platform tailored for agent-based AI research. The Deepmind platform offers features such as AI, Deep Mind Health, and Security, to name a few. It’s a suitable option for businesses as it offers a free trial to see if it meets the company’s goals.

• Iris: As data accessibility remains a challenge, Apixio, a health analytics company, offers Iris, a cognitive computing platform that bridges the gap by leveraging medical letters and records to generate insights. Iris uses ML algorithms fed with the data and then the information is pulled using data integration tools.

• AlphaGo: AlphaGo by Google was introduced as a cognitive computing tool that works with algorithms and uses a combination of techniques such as machine learning, tree traversal and deep neural technology. Neural networks used to be used to determine human behavior, now, with the advent of AlphaGo intelligence, it can also be used to mimic human behavior.

• IBM Watson: IBM Watson is a popular cognitive computing platform that leverages deep content analysis and evidence-based reasoning to accelerate and improve a company’s decision-making skills. It also reduces operating costs and optimizes business results.

• Expert system: This software combines language and technology to improve a company’s ability to use unstructured content. The expert system improves the understanding of the machine, makes more informed decisions and improves the accuracy of the results shown by the company analyzes.

• Aila: Enterra Solutions’ Aila aims to solve unanswerable questions through traditional data analysis. It aims to have minimal dependency on the data or data experts and generate inexpensive insights. Aila combines both artificial intelligence and advanced math to solve complex problems.

• Microsoft cognitive services: This cognitive computing software enables companies to build apps with powerful algorithms using the latest and updated lines of code. It works and multiple platforms and devices like iOS, Android and Windows. Furthermore, implementing with Microsoft only increases efficiency.

• Cortex certificate: It is an artificial intelligence auditing tool that was introduced with the sole aim of bridging the trust gap between AI and its deployment. Cortex uses AI to detect weak points in black boxes without having to rely on their access.

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