Brussels offers new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland



The offer was compared with the “max fac” plan proposed by the Brexiteers, but this was rejected by Brussels. It comes after Lord Frost said in a speech in Lisbon on Tuesday: “We will of course consider [the EU proposals] serious, complete and positive. But – I repeat – if we want to find a solution, we have to work together to bring about significant change. “

The Brexit Minister reiterated his call for the European Court of Justice to replace the oversight of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over the implementation of EU law in Northern Ireland with international arbitration based on the model of the Brexit trade agreement.

He suggested that a “completely new” protocol was needed and that the failure to revise the treaty was a “historical misjudgment”. However, EU sources warned that the UK’s demand to abolish the role of European judges was a red line and could cost Northern Ireland access to the single market.

On Tuesday evening, Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said the UK government’s request was “very difficult to accept” and insisted that the ECJ be the body to interpret European law.

The Brussels offer could create a “green lane” for goods entering Northern Ireland from the UK and a separate “red lane” with more customs controls for products to be transported across the province.

The officer said, “Instead of creating a form for every item in the truck, you can create a form for the entire truck. One for the entire load. It’s a very pragmatic solution. “

One diplomat compared the plan to the “maximum relief” strategy previously called for by Brexiteers, which used technological solutions to minimize the need for physical controls.

The diplomat emphasized that the difference to the new agreement was that it would use existing technologies, while “max fac” in the EU was criticized for its reliance on technology that was still to be developed for “magical thinking”.

Lord Frost had reservations about giving Brussels access to data on Irish Sea trade, but his counterpart Maros Sefcovic has agreed to limit the amount of information available.



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