Syntiant introduces the NDP200 neural decision processor for vision edge AI applications



Syntiant Corporation is a deep learning solution provider that is bringing the concept of Edge AI to always-on applications in battery-powered devices, and recently launched Syntiant® NDP200 Neural Decision Processor â„¢ (NDP), the company’s first chip developed for image processing, capable of delivering high-precision inference below 1 mW.

The Syntiant Core 2 is included in the scope of delivery of the NDP200. It can run multiple apps at the same time with the lowest power consumption, including some AI vision functions like object classification, motion tracking, people detection and presence monitoring. With its multimodal capabilities, the NDP200 can also perform high-precision processing on the device, including multi-sensor fusion, voice command recognition, infrared detection, anomaly, acoustic event detection and tampering detection, as well as various other audio and motion detection, and pressure sensor apps.

The NDP200 provides always-on neural processing for all types of battery-powered consumer and industrial products, including IP and security cameras, cell phones, tablets, smart speakers, smart displays, and innovative home and security devices. It is ideal when presence and motion detection is required in ultra-low power applications.

The combination of Syntiants NDP200 and the extremely energy-saving image sensor from PixArt enables the development of high-precision people and object recognition systems that consume very little power and have practically no latency. These capabilities are critical to the growing need for image sensor applications in battery-powered IoT devices such as video doorbells and security cameras.

Its functions include:

  • Hardware acceleration for more than 6.4 GOP / sec.
  • Support for neural networks, recurrent neural networks and fully linked networks as well as the ability to analyze many heterogeneous networks at the same time.
  • More than 7 million parameters are supported.
  • HiFi 3 DSP with user programmable embedded functions.
  • Arm Cortex-M0 processor integrated in the device.
  • Direct image interface via 11 wires.
  • Multimodal sensor fusion with SPI and I2C.
  • Interface for two PDM microphones.
  • With PCM it has a serial 12S interface.

Syntiant Core 2 is a deep learning inference engine that can create ensembles, shared embeds, and other neural architectures simultaneously or in cascades, allowing more complex neural networks to be moved into always-on domains. The Core 2 engine gives you complete control over numerous independent networks, while also allowing you to deliver machine learning without the need for an intermediate compiler.



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