Harrah’s New Orleans faces a complaint, a black woman refused entry


Posted: Oct 9, 2021 at 7:28 am

Last updated: October 9, 2021, 7:28 am.

One black woman said she was going to file a civil rights complaint against Harrah’s New Orleans this week over an incident on the playground. The 23-year-old army lieutenant was prevented from entering the casino floor after her IDs were challenged.

Harrison also showed the employee a COVID-19 vaccination card
Deja Harrison shows off showing IDs to Harrah’s New Orleans workers. The employee refused to let her into the casino and asked if she was the person photographed on the ID cards. (Image: Raw story)

One video can be heard of an employee asking if she can show someone else’s military ID. The casino’s parent company, Caesars Entertainment, said it was “sad” about the incident but also had to comply with age verification regulations.

I don’t think that’s you, “said Harrison, who was later identified as” Corey, “in a video she posted on Twitter. He told her he would call the New Orleans police.

“Call you. Please call her,” Harrison repeatedly told the agent, as the video reveals.

She waited for the officers to arrive. But even after two hours they didn’t show up.

Following the incident, Harrison said she was “shocked” and “angry” at the actions of the Harrah employee. She stated that it was a federal crime to produce a forged military ID.

Celebrating brother’s birthday

The incident started after Harrison went to the casino with her stepbrother at his 21st birthday.NS Date of birth.

First, she gave the employee her driver’s license. An electronic reader failed to scan it successfully. Then she showed the military ID.

Harrah’s Casino called the police because I showed my military ID and the manager said it was impossible that I did E-6 when I was 23, ”Harrison later said in a tweet. E-6 is a military grade associated with a sergeant major.

“I shouldn’t be discriminated against just because I’m a high-ranking 23-year-old black woman in the army!” Harrison later tweeted.

Harrison also showed the employee a COVID-19 vaccination card and a receipt for military pay, so Raw story, a national online news site.

So what’s the problem? ”Harrison asked the employee at some point. “I’ll show you two IDs.”

It is not known whether the employee ever called the police. Independent, WDSU, a local television station, checked the department’s 911 database. There were no calls from Harrah’s during that time, the station announced.

Video goes viral

When Harrison saw what was happening, she decided to record the incident on her cell phone.

She later posted the video on Twitter. There were over 283,000 views by early Saturday.

“I just wanted everyone to know what I was going through at Harrah’s,” added Harrison.

The Harrah clerk was also seen warning her that she could not record video at the casino.

Many years in the army

Despite being only 23 years old, Harrison has a relatively long history in the Army. She initially signed up during high school. Her mother gave her permission to sign up.

She had been to the Junior ROTC and later the ROTC. She graduated from Grambling State University in Louisiana earlier this year.

In July she was commissioned as a lieutenant.

Caesars Entertainment is sad

Casino.org Harrah’s parent company Caesars Entertainment asked for an answer. A statement was not given until Saturday.

The company issued a statement WDSU. It says in part that Caesars Entertainment has “an unwavering commitment to diversity and our military.”

We are saddened by this situation and will continue to evaluate our processes to ensure that we meet our obligations to our guests as well as to our supervisory authorities. “

Regarding the specific incident, the company said that Harrah’s New Orleans is checking the IDs of guests who appear to be under the age of 30, which the company said it did.

Caesars Entertainment further confirmed that Harrison presented a Louisiana driver’s license that was not properly scanned. Then she presented the military ID.

“(A) But the information on the military ID did not match the information that she orally gave to our security officers,” the Caesars statement said.

As a result, our security officers have denied Ms. Harrison access to the casino in accordance with applicable gambling regulations, ”the statement said.

Harrison told the company it will hire a lawyer. She also thanked supporters who posted comments on Twitter.


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