WhatsApp development function for playing voice memos outside of sender chats


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10/6/2021, 01:05 am

WhatsApp feature under development that will allow users to exit sender chats but still listen to audio messages

WhatsApp is developing a global voice messaging player that will make listening to voice memos a lot easier.

Currently, WhatsApp voice memos are only played on sender chat screens. However, thanks to this new feature, users will soon be able to control voice memos from all screens within the app.

The feature under development is expected soon in WhatsApp beta updates for Android and iOS, reported WABetaInfo.

Controls for playing voice messages are also expected

Controls for playing voice messages are also expected

The global voice message player – with controls to pause, play, and discard – would likely be pinned to the top bar of WhatsApp so that users can access it from any section of the app.

In the future, this feature can be used to manage voice memos outside of WhatsApp while using other apps.

In a further step to improve the services, WhatsApp is also working on a function for transcribing voice messages for iOS.

Apple will provide transcription for WhatsApp voice messages

Apple will provide transcription for WhatsApp voice messages

Interestingly, the iOS feature under development would allow voice messages to be transcribed entirely on the device so that WhatsApp or its parent Facebook cannot access it.

Apple will likely offer message transcription services in exchange for improving its speech recognition technology WABetaInfo.

It should be noted that third party apps are currently required to transcribe voice memos on WhatsApp.

Features to control the playback speed of voice memos and disappear messages

In May, WhatsApp also released speed controls for voice memo playback for iOS and Android users.

The main update came in July when multi-device support was introduced for iOS and Android beta users.

Two message disappearing features were later released for iOS beta users in October, including your message disappearing (24 hours, seven days, or 90 days) and the default message timer for all chats.

Multi-device support is changing the way we use WhatsApp

Multi-device support allows all devices sharing an account to communicate independently with WhatsApp servers. Users don’t need to connect their phone to the internet to access their WhatsApp account from other devices.

One account can currently be linked to a phone and four other devices. However, a recent report suggested expanding this feature to make WhatsApp accessible from a secondary phone as well.


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