It’s a fine day for a red wedding


At the climax of the film, there is a major battle between Venom and Carnage in the church where Cletus and Frances get married. Venom is initially afraid to fight Carnage, especially because he is a red symbiote who is apparently much more powerful than Venom’s symbiote. It seems strange that Carnage is a red symbiote despite being from Venom, so much so that Carnage refers to Venom as his father, but whatever. Perhaps it has something to do with Kasady’s grueling tendencies that turn Venom’s makeup into something more vicious.

Fortunately, Carnage isn’t quite as powerful as Venom thinks it is. As the fight continues, they find that Carnage and Cletus are not as strongly connected as Venom and Eddie. This is mainly because Carnage is at odds with Cletus because his new wife and her supersonic scream are violating symbiotes, and Carnage doesn’t have it. Carnage even goes so far as to meet Frances. That doesn’t go well with Cletus, and it’s clear the two don’t have the same agenda.

That makes Cletus Kasady a bit more personable character in a way. Kasady genuinely loves Frances, and while they are both totally insane, he is unwilling to be pushed around by this symbiote, no matter how powerful it makes him. Kasady may be a serial killer, but at least he’s not a house molester. At the last minute, the film tries to instill sympathy for Kasady, who reveals that he pushed his grandmother down the stairs and killed his parents for all of them molesting him. But even with that detail, it’s hard to deny that Kasady is still a psychopath, and even after dispatching with those who molested him, he killed a bunch of other people for no good reason, and he apparently didn’t have any Repent for it. So it’s all the more rewarding when Kasady tries to manipulate Eddie by telling the reporter he just wants to be his friend and Venom just says “F * ck this guy” and bites off his head to give him delicious brains munch on. But we’re overtaking ourselves.

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