Amazon wants to simplify patient communication for the hospital


According to a press release on Monday, Amazon Web Services is offering hospitals three new ways to make communicating with patients faster, easier and more efficient.

Health systems will soon be able to automate outbound calls, SMS, and emails with patients through Amazon Connect without the need for third-party integrations with other systems. This could make it easier for healthcare systems to send out appointment reminders and market them to consumers, the company said.

“A large hospital network can send texts and emails asking patients to confirm upcoming appointments and then automatically call any patients who don’t answer,” the press release said.

AWS will also allow vendors to verify the identity of a caller from their voice using the Amazon Connect Voice ID, potentially eliminating the need to manually verify each caller and expediting customer service calls.

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In addition, Amazon Connect Wisdom can automatically identify patient problems and use voice analytics to give customer service agents access to real-time information from in-house databases or third-party vendors to help them resolve patient problems.

According to the press release, Lapcorp plans to take advantage of the new services.

“We’ll be able to better manage our agent queues of clinical questions, billing activities, and scheduling, provide end-to-end visibility into tasks, improve agent performance, and create actionable analytics for us to improve our customer service . ” Lance Berberian, chief information and technology officer at Labcorp, said in a press release. “Amazon Connect Voice ID will provide real-time voice authentication to our customers and agents to provide a smoother experience that is more secure, saves time, reduces fraud and improves customer satisfaction.”

Amazon has stepped up its healthcare efforts by leveraging its immense computing power and expertise in logistics and customer service to bring new products and services on a large scale. The retail and cloud computing giant has invested heavily in telemedicine, genomics pharma, and other growth areas in the healthcare market. While not all of Amazon’s efforts have been successful, the company is relying on the $ 4 trillion industry to grow its market cap by nearly $ 1.7 trillion.


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