Amazon Connect updates improve agent productivity to enable mass targeting


The Amazon Connect cloud contact center service from Amazon Web Services Inc. is getting some powerful new features today to help make agents more productive and extend the reach of businesses.

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center service that businesses can leverage to enable customer service and retention. Customer service representatives can respond to phone calls or chat requests from customers in the same way as if the contact center infrastructure were set up and maintained on site.

Launched in 2017, the service has proven to be a huge success as it is used by “tens of thousands of AWS customers” to support more than 10 million contact center interactions per day, the company said.

With so many interactions happening on a daily basis, it is clear that Amazon Connect agents need to be very busy with wisdom in general availability today.

The tool can be thought of as a virtual agent for contact center agents. It connects to various company databases, FAQs and help articles, as well as platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow, to display the information agents need to solve customer problems faster.

It becomes even more useful when combined with the Contact Lens sentiment analysis tool for Amazon Connect. This enables Amazon Connect Wisdom to use machine learning-assisted speech analytics to automatically detect a caller’s problem and immediately recommend content that can help the agent resolve the problem.

Agents can avoid time-consuming manual searches and process multiple customer calls more quickly. For example, if a caller mentions that a product “arrived broken,” Amazon Connect Wisdom will automatically display instructions on how to exchange that item. All the agent then has to do is match the details to the caller.

Another problem Amazon Connect helps with is tedious caller authentication. In order to verify the identity of the caller, call center staff must request personal information such as social security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name or the like. That costs time and causes a lot of frustration, especially for anyone who regularly calls the call center.

The introduction of Amazon Connect Voice ID offers a new option that allows callers to authenticate with their voice instead. If the caller chooses to register, the service uses machine learning to analyze attributes such as the rhythm, pitch and intonation of their voice in the first few seconds of the call. These attributes can be used to create a unique digital voiceprint for each caller, Amazon explained. The service assigns a trust score and only authenticates it if the caller’s score meets the trust score threshold set by the organization.

If the callers do not reach the threshold, they can still authenticate themselves by answering questions. Another benefit of Amazon Connect Voice ID is that it can learn to recognize the voices of known scammers and automatically flag any calls they make.

The final update announced today is a pretty significant update that could expand the usefulness of Amazon Connect. Now available in preview, high-volume outbound communications enables mass communication with calls, text messages, and emails.

As Amazon explained, this will be useful for businesses that may feel constrained by older contact center platforms that only allow inbound communication with separate contacting tools and applications. With Amazon Connect, businesses can reach millions of customers every day to let them know about new marketing promotions, appointment reminders, upcoming delivery notifications, or anything else they need to be informed about.

According to Amazon, one of the most important features that make this possible is a “predictive dialer” that automatically calls customers on a list and at the same time throttles the range based on the availability of agents. The dialer uses machine learning so it can detect when a living person picks up the phone to ensure agents are only connected to real people.

As an example, Amazon said a healthcare network can send text messages to patients asking them to confirm an upcoming appointment. Then it can automatically call those who don’t answer within a certain time frame.

“With tens of thousands of AWS customers in just four years and more than 10 million customer interactions per day, Amazon Connect has become one of the fastest growing services ever from AWS,” said Pasquale DeMaio, general manager of Amazon Connect. “Today’s three capabilities build on this powerful foundation to make it even easier for contact centers to provide superior customer service. Now companies can empower their agents to find answers faster, provide their customers with a safer and more efficient experience, and quickly scale their outbound communications. “

Photo: guvo59 / Pixabay

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