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the jaguar E-Pace is almost the perfect combination of classic British SUV styling, modern high-tech driving and driving performance and contemporary interior comfort and design. Jaguar has outdone itself with the overall quality of the E-Pace, making it one of the best SUVs on the market.

Regardless of whether it is sporty performance or economical driving options, the E-Pace covers everything with both hybrid and more traditional gas engines. Below are some of our favorite Jaguar E-Pace features.

Exterior design


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

Few cars in the SUV category can keep up with the look of the E-Pace, Jaguar has really flexed its muscles with the design of its SUV and made it a contemporary combination of elegant and sporty.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

Its exterior has sleek, curved lines and some hallmarks of current Jaguar models, such as the now famous front grille and aggressive front and rear lights. Even the windows have a slight edge, with a stylish taper and a squashed look that makes the E-Pace even sportier.

Safety and assistance functions


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

The Jag not only has style and substance, because there are many safety and assistance functions that make the driver and passengers equally comfortable in the E-Pace’s cab.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

There’s even an interesting Activity Key feature that allows the driver to leave their keys behind and act as a kind of spare key in the form of a bracelet for easier access. Elsewhere you will see safety functions such as emergency braking with pedestrian sensor, lane departure warning, parking aid front and rear, 360-degree surround camera and driver status monitoring.

Loading and interior


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The large size of the E-Pace offers plenty of space for stowing luggage and offers enough space for all passengers inside.


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As a luxury SUV, the Jag was developed with passenger comfort in mind and offers plenty of leg and headroom. For stowing goods, you’ll find a respectable 425 liter rear cargo space and a huge 1,234 liters with the seats folded down.

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Interior design


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

One area where the Jaguar E-Pace dominates is interior design and comfort. Here, too, Jaguar’s experience in building luxury cars comes into its own.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

The E-Pace’s interior is littered with exquisite leather, available in a variety of colors, and enough chrome detailing to rival Bentley and Rolls-Royce. In contrast to the exterior, the interior is a much less sporty proposition, but it suits the Jaguar perfectly as it has a simpler but well-thought-out layout and design.

Tech and comfort functions


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

The E-Pace uses an integrated 11.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system with support from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There is also an optional online pack that gives the customer unlimited media streaming and online speech recognition capabilities.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

Wireless charging of devices is also available and an optional nano air purification system with a specially developed filter with the aim of catching allergens from the outside air in order to protect the well-being of the residents. A high quality Meridian sound system is also provided to enhance passenger entertainment.

Powertrain options


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

For 2021, the Jag E-Pace will come with a choice of powertrains that offer a wide range of choices depending on your driving style.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

For more economical driving, there is even a hybrid E-Pace called the 300 Sport, which is equipped with a 296 hp hybrid engine. If you prefer a more traditional driving experience, there is an available 2.0 liter gasoline engine with 246 horsepower for both the stock E-Pace and the E-Pace SE.

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Off-road performance


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

Don’t let the Jaguar’s luxurious exterior fool you. While it’s an excellent and sleek SUV, it’s just as capable when things get a little rough.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

The excellent all-wheel drive and off-road driving modes make the E-Pace a real option for a luxury off-roader. If you want to drive the Jaguar off-road, the Ice, Snow and Rain driving modes are the right driving modes. The sophisticated all-wheel drive system also has a function that allows up to 100% of the power to be directed to one of the rear wheels to help even in these difficult situations.

Sporty handling


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

The Jag does not only perform admirably off-road, because the sporty character of the E-Pace makes it appear significantly lighter and more agile than it appears at first glance.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

Because of its stocky shape, the E-Pace has minimal body tilt for a typical SUV, and this coupled with the responsive steering and great all-wheel drive system makes driving the Jaguar a pleasure. The ingenious and advanced electronic assists also ensure exceptionally good cornering grip for a vehicle of this size.

Fuel efficiency


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The E-Pace also scores when it comes to saving fuel, because the hybrid motor option in particular offers good reading for those who are more economical.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

For the gas-powered E-Pace, you’ll be looking around 30 mpg, which is pretty reasonable for a sporty SUV. However, the hybrid engine delivers a massive 143 mpg and is the obvious choice for those looking to save a little fuel.

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Good value


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

We may save the best for the very last, we have the overall value of the Jaguar E-Pace, given the features listed above and the overall high quality, you’d think the E-Pace was costing an outrageous amount of money, but you would to be wrong.


Source: Jaguar Newsroom

Starting at just over $ 40,000 and just under $ 50,000 for the latest E-Pace models, the price is more than reasonable, especially when you consider the high-quality interior and excellent handling. This makes it one of the best SUVs in its class overall.

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