Rural network connectivity to facilitate digital society and finance


For this reason, Vodacom Tanzania is prioritizing expanding coverage to rural communities that have never been connected to the network through Vodacom’s Rural Coverage Acceleration Program.

The company is committed to further improving connectivity for rural areas as part of its Africa-related initiative, in line with its social contract, to ensure widespread adoption of the internet among Tanzanians.

It has set itself the goal of providing 65 percent of the population with broadband internet by the end of 2021 and a final goal of 90 percent by 2024. This is in line with the government’s stated goal of increasing broadband coverage from 45 percent to 80 percent.

Currently, the broadband connection provided by Vodacom covers approximately 52 percent of the population in 1,184 villages across the country.

In partnership with the Universal Service Access Fund (UCSFAF), Vodacom has expanded its mobile network coverage in rural areas to 92 percent of the Tanzanian population, thereby consolidating its position as the market leader for all communication solutions and also offering the best voice and data services as a financial and social product.

For over 2 decades, Vodacom has continuously invested and improved its network to ensure that it offers its customers the latest cutting edge technology as well as the most innovative products and solutions on the market.

With investments of over 171.4 billion population.

The government’s strategy and policy goes beyond the mere broad network coverage of the country; it also wants to ensure fair accessibility of the network and services for the population.

Working with various government and private partners, Vodacom is contributing to this agenda by bringing affordable cell phones to market, providing effective solutions for users with hearing or visual impairments, and directly supporting other government-led social initiatives

This network reach is supported by the latest technological capabilities and innovative and relevant products and services so that Vodacom users can really benefit from the access they get. One such service is the M-Pesa mobile money platform. It has accumulated over 10 million users served by a nationwide network of more than 107,000 agents.

Over the years, the platform has evolved to reach rural customers who would otherwise not have access to formal financial services, and to connect farmers to key information and payment systems via the M-Kulima service with over 10,000 active users.

The data available support Vodacom Tanzania’s claim to have the largest network coverage, the best 4G speeds and the largest number of users. With the current “kimbiza na 4G ya ukweli” campaign, the company confirms that networks are not just about coverage and reach, but also about quality. Independent research has shown that Vodacom Network is way ahead of its competition in terms of speed, reliability and efficiency.

Taking advantage of its technological lead over the competition, Vodacom leverages its network to provide essential services and reliable network connection with a user-friendly experience, enabling more Tanzanians to experience the digital lifestyle.

This commitment has resulted in the most robust, reliable 4G network with the broadest coverage in the country, running at 27Mbps, twice as fast as its closest competitor.

The long range and unmatched technical capacity result in an unparalleled network that gives Vodacom users unparalleled access to the Internet and the best in voice and messaging services.

The nationwide reach of its network also serves as the basis for providing life-saving interventions to users in rural areas.

For example, working with CCBRT, over 6,000 fistula patients have been surgically treated, the vast majority of whom are rural.

Of course, there are many other advantages that result from mobile connectivity. A broad network enables various stakeholders, employees, and innovators to develop and deliver high-performing products and services, all of which serve to build our communities and the nation as a whole, both socially and economically. These products and services include education, health, commerce, and even entertainment.

To create a networked, digital society, Vodacom Tanzania has built a fast and reliable national data network that promotes affordable internet for all users, contributes to the inclusion of all marginalized communities and even helps to mitigate the negative effects of climate change. At the same time, he is the largest taxpayer in the telecommunications sector, paying / 1.9 trillion in 2015-2020.


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