MISSING AURORA WOMAN with cerebral palsy without a vehicle, CBI alarm issued


AURORA, Colorado (KDVR) – A woman with cerebral palsy who has been missing since July 30 has lost her vehicle, the Aurora Police Department reported.

Felicia Martinez, 38, was last seen nearly two months ago on the 25,000 block of East Lake Place. She may be with a fat white man with red hair who goes by the name of “Lucky Puppy”.

“Felicia is one of the people with the biggest hearts,” her sister Sonia Martinez told FOX31.

Felicia is a daughter, a sister and a mother. She is a die-hard Rockies fan and usually celebrates her birthday playing the game every year.

“I wish we were there with her today because it is her birthday,” said her sister Noelia Clingman.

Felicia’s daughter Madelyn says she last saw her mother on July 31st. The two visited her and talked.

“She left a few hours later and then no one heard from her,” said Madelyn Martinez.

Her family says her disappearance is completely atypical. They say there is no clue or indication of their whereabouts. Her phone was turned off for weeks, and on Sunday Denver police discovered that her vehicle had been abandoned.

“The car was dismantled. I mean steering column, ignition, broken window panes, the inside dismantled, ”said her mother Gail Martinez. “She can’t get away without her car.”

According to the Martinez family, they have been fighting for weeks for the warning from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations on Thursday.

“It was just trying to get the authorities to take it seriously,” said Gail Martinez. “They seem to think that all adults can do what they want and adults deserve their privacy, but there are some adults who bad things happen to and the longer it takes, the more afraid I am.”

The family has posted leaflets, reported to authorities, checked hospitals, shelters and prisons, and even launched a Facebook page to try to spread the word about Felicia’s disappearance. However, they say that everything has come to a dead end again and again.

“There are two different databases that are very large and could help us allocate more resources, but it is not included. We can’t get them to approve these lists, ”said Sonia. “It’s been almost two months since we said no to everything we try.”

Prior to the CBI warning on Thursday evening, the Martinez family said that the interview with FOX31 on Thursday afternoon was the first real coverage of Felicia’s case.

“I remember just seeing a 15 second photo of my mom and then every morning before I go to school I watch the news and that one person gets all the popularity and other people only get 15 seconds, to find out she’s’ missing, ”Madelyn said.

It relates to national coverage of the Gabby Petito case.

“I don’t understand the reporting discrepancy. Our family is not rich. We’re not famous, ”said Sonia. “My biggest question is why are there such differences? Why is this one case covered 24/7 and we can’t even get someone to tick a box to say you are on a national register. “

She said it was “angry” to see Petito’s case reported around the clock, while Felicia’s case was barely notified.

Following a FOX31 query to Aurora Police Department regarding the status of Felicia Martinez’s case, the Martinez family said a detective called and spoke to them about issuing a CBI alert. Within four hours of FOX31 contacting APD, the CBI warning was issued to all news outlets in the area.

According to the APD, “The developmental disability alarm was issued tonight because she no longer owns her vehicle. This is very worrying for us due to physical mobility issues. She has been listed as a missing person in the CBI and FBI (CCIC / NCIC) databases as she was reported missing to Aurora Police.

Martinez uses legrests and a cane to walk and has a speech impediment, APD said. She is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. She had pink and purple hair at the time of her disappearance, but her original color is brown.

The authorities are asking anyone who sees them to call 911 or APD at 303-627-3100.


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