Nuance supplies DAX for SCL Health


Another healthcare company has adopted Nuance’s Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX). The company’s latest customer is SCL Health, a faith-based nonprofit health organization that operates eight hospitals and more than 150 clinics in Colorado and Montana.

Like other healthcare providers, SCL Health will use DAX to improve digital engagement and minimize the paperwork doctors have to fill out during and after appointments. For this purpose, DAX listens to the conversation between a patient and his doctor and uses speech recognition to document all symptoms, diagnoses and treatments that are discussed along the way. In this way, the platform automates the clinical recording process while capturing the context of a clinical session.

Doctors must obtain patient consent before using DAX to record a conversation. SCL uses the system for both face-to-face and virtual appointments, for those looking for primary care or more specialized cardiac and orthopedic services.

“Nuance DAX enables us to get the full value of our [Electronic Health Record] as a platform to improve care quality, access and costs, ”said Craig Richardville, SVP and SCL’s chief information and digital officer. “The solution directly addresses our top priorities as it works in multiple clinical settings, greatly improves clinical documentation and access to EHR, and gives patients more say throughout their health journey.”

“To be truly effective, digital health innovations must empower patients to be fully committed to their care, reduce administrative burdens and maximize the value of the healthcare system’s investment in their EHRs,” added Nuance EVP and Healthcare GM Diana added Nole.

Nuance surveys have shown that DAX reduces the rate of clinical fatigue and burnout among doctors. It also improves the patient experience as doctors are more attentive to appointments. The company has since provided DAX services to several health organizations in the United States, including Rush University Medical Center, Cooper University Health Care, and the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium.


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