The Raleigh Group creates an online database to track down law enforcement misconduct


RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – Law enforcement interactions come in a variety of forms.

From traffic controls to reporting an incident. They all have thousands of experiences each year.

That’s why the Raleigh-based organization Emancipate NC set up an online database to keep track of the encounters.

“Our North Carolina laws are set up so that even if you file a complaint against an officer who becomes part of that official’s personnel record, and under North Carolina law, once something is on a personnel record, it will no longer be publicly known, ”explained Dawn Blagrove.

“That creates some isolation for poor law enforcement agencies,” she added.

Blagrove is an attorney and managing director of Emancipate NC.

She said the database is a platform where people can report wrongdoing to law enforcement and choose to publish their story.

“If people agree that we can use their stories, we can help build a broader picture. A nationwide picture of how evasive it is to take responsibility for law enforcement, ”said Blagrove.

“We just want a place where people can express their lived experiences,” she said.

Blagrove also said that she would like this to be a tool to get lawmakers to take this issue seriously.

Earlier this month, Governor Roy Cooper signed criminal justice reform laws aimed at improving policing and criminal justice in North Carolina.

The law provides that a database be created to keep track of all “critical incident data”. However, the information will be treated confidentially.

“So, this database that isn’t meant to be used to punish law enforcement officers. Not to crack down on law enforcement, but to create transparency so we can restore confidence, ”said Blagrove.

For a closer Have a look at the database, click here.


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